Cold Remedies for Little People

I used not to get that upset about cold and flu season.  I thought, “I have nothing to worry about!  I never get sick!”  After a bad bout with strep my first year of teaching, I really felt like nothing else could get me down.  I had teacher immunities.  Then, enter a little bundle of joy in March 2012.  We went through the first 6 months of life together happily enjoying spring turning into summer without ANY illnesses.  I also stayed home with him during this time due to a well-planned maternity leave that included 12 weeks out of work for me with a nice, long summer break heaped on top.  Bliss!  We started off our first month of daycare with a couple ear infections followed by strep followed by more ear infections.  Colds and teething certainly didn’t help little H’s general health.  Although we are home sick again today, I do feel that I’ve learned a few tricks to help with this vicious season.  Kids will be kids though and get sick.  H and I have been to the pediatrician’s office 5 times, I believe since September. The Mr. took him once the end of August.  Geez, I feel like we should be invited to their office party or something!  Here’s hoping for a little more healthy November!  I do realize that we are very blessed to only be taking him in for minor things such as a 24 virus that we were worried about and the possibility of an ear infections (H is quite the stoic guy and won’t give us too many signs that he’s not feeling well.  Good, yet bad thing!  : -/ ).  

Tips to Keep Little Ones Well:

  1. Lots of fruits, veggies, and liquids!  H does prefer fruit, so I give him more what he wants when he’s feeling sick.  I also supplement his meals with the squeezie fruit and veggie blends to help get him the vitamins that he needs.  Being sick definitely makes my little one a more picky eater.  Sidenote: I had these fantasies about making H warm tea with honey when he was sick.  Totally hated it!  He actually hates all hot things…bath water, food, anything hot!  You’d think he’d had a terrible experience as a little baby, but he hasn’t.  Just prefers everything at room temperature.  I even dish up his food five to ten minutes before we eat to let it cool.  Weirdo!  🙂  Milk and even water is for sure his preference!Image

2.  Vapor Rub I love the smell and think he really likes having it rubbed on before bed.  I put it on his chest, neck, and feet.  This is the brand I’ve switched to from Vick’s for Baby.  Maty’s is petroleum free and menthol free.



3.  Zarabee’s  I just started using this product to help soothe H’s cough.  I love how it is made with natural ingredients, and it boosts immunity.  


You can read more about this product and the doctor behind it here.  

4.  Steamy Showers  H’s recent cold/ear infection has been so yuck that I’ve even tried to whole shower with baby thing.  This was a little tricky at first (especially since he HATES the hot water), but he eventually loved it!  I just hold him for the first few minutes and then plop him in the floor of the tub with a few toys.  He is content to play and breathe in the steam.  Best of all, I got a shower today!  Two birds taken care of with 1 stone!  This really makes his nose run, so I made sure I had a soft washcloth in there to wipe it off when we hopped out.  

5.  Cool Mist Humidifier  I really am bad about this and didn’t pull it out until he already had his first big cold of the season.  Now, we are using it at naptime and bedtime.  This is the one I have.  


6.  Saline Spray  This is tricky to use by yourself, but just be sure to angle baby’s head to the side.  We follow this up with the whole nose-sucking fun.  


7.  Elevate the crib on one side with pillow  The Mr. put one of my lovely decorative, overstuffed pillows under H’s mattress, and I think it helped a bit with the congestion.  

8.  Rest!  Even when H woke up early from his nap yesterday, we opted to check on him and then lay him back down to rest.  The Mr. actually took care of this as I was busy wringing my hands and worrying in the hall with other things.  Same thing goes when he wakes up in the night.  I try to get him back to sleep ASAP and let him sleep in in the morning.  

9.  Vapor Bath in the Tub We use this when he’s taking a “tubbie,” and if wasn’t so darn expensive, I’d use it for my bathtime too!  I’ve found it’s best to buy the name brand with this item.  The generic just doesn’t go as far or have the same smell.  


10.  Of course, the pediatrician!  I’m not the first one to run off to the doctor at a sneeze or cough or two.  However, I know my child, and I know that a decrease in appetite combined with night waking (which he rarely does!) is a sign that we will be seeing that lovely office again soon.  

We’re going to try our best to stay well, because H definitely needs two parents with good health to keep up with him in all his escapades.  Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “Cold Remedies for Little People

    • It’s quickly disappearing! I was hoping to build up as much as possible for baby number dos perhaps??? Not sure that’s going to work this time! I will literally be going to work on my deathbed before I take a sick day for myself!

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