Seasonal Selections

There are so many thankful lists going on plus my very own thankful garland (ideas seen on this post) filling in with leaves of blessings that I’m going to jump on the November/Thanksgiving bandwagon with a quick list of my own.  

I am thankful for so many things!  Today I am definitely thankful for coffee, peanut butter plus nut butters in general!, forgiveness, my partner in life, children’s smiles, and public libraries.  Always giving a shout-out to those fine establishments.  🙂  Can’t forget this sweet boy too!


And these sweet hands collecting acorns…



I’m also so thankful to be getting a little nippy weather headed our way.  We were in the 70s today which is just crazy!  Cheers to the weather headed our way!  Other fun things I’ve been up to include finally baking my pumpkin bars seen here.  These turned out less bar-like and more delicious cake.  All is good though since they came out so yummy.  I also whipped up some pumpkin loaves with left-over canned pumpkin.  Here are the bars looking scrumptious with the cream cheese frosting.  P.S.  Homemade cream cheese frosting is ridiculously simple and so much better than the canned stuff at Wally World.  


These were dangerously good, so I enjoyed a couple and shipped out the others with the Mr. to work and then to family.  I do like baking, but my complaint is that for two people some of the recipes are humongous!    What do you do with all your baked treats?  Perhaps I should have tried freezing some?  Happy Baking!



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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