Matter and the Five Senses

Today, I was reading a book about matter with two students.  Everything is matter.  You, me, and the pile of laundry on my bed.  How do we experience matter?  Through our five senses…sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.  We make sense of our world, matter, through these senses.  This got me to thinking about memories that I have that are linked to my senses…my means to experiencing my world.  For example, the smell of Dial antibacterial soap reminds me of baths as a little girl.  The sound of jets reminds me of home.  The sight of Roscoe in a full sprint reminds me of first meeting him.  The taste of nutmeg and blueberries in the form of a “blueberry dumpling” reminds me of Sunday dinners with us plus grandparents and Nancy (aka my great aunt).  The touch of Holden’s hand reminds me of the day he was born and I become a mother.  

Currently, my senses are telling me…

I smell a Yankee candle burning a scent that reminds me of fall.

I hear the whir of an electric heater telling me these dropping temps are chilling our house down.

I see the pile of bills and other mail to sort that will wait until tomorrow.  I’ve got some reading and journaling to tend to tonight.

I (will) taste the banana cranberry almond bread fresh out of the oven.

I touch the keys on the computer in hopes of connecting with myself through connecting with you.

What a gift to have use of all these.  



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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