Christmas Wish List for a 20 Month Old Boy

I can hardly believe that it’s another Christmas season!  I used to be so quickly done with my holiday shopping B.C. (Before Child).  Things have changed in other ways to as we now do Secret Santa with the Mr.’s family and my family.  This means I will buy gifts for one person in my family and one person in the Mr.’s.  Of course, H is not playing and is bound to be showered with gifts.  As the only grandchild on both sides, it seems that is his duty until someone (ahem…brothers (in-laws) and sisters (in-laws)…let’s get on that!) shows up to share the spotlight.  The Mr. and I are going to be getting a few things for Holdie L., and these are my top picks.  I love this outline for gift giving to kids…


Holdie isn’t making many requests, but I would guess these would be his.

1.  Knit Cat || Holden loves kitties.  This is kind of a bummer as I’m allergic, and he has no hope of ever having one of his own.  He does get to spend lots of time with Grandma’s “kitties.”  I thought he might like one of his own.


2.  Mr. Potato Head ||  H loves to tinker with things.  He can show great concentration when he is manipulating something.  This classic toy looks great!


3.  Fire Truck!  || Holden loves the “Fire Truck” song which can me seen on YouTube here.  I think he’d love a fire truck of his very own.


4.  Gymboree Play & Learn Gift Certificate || We loved going to Gymboree this past summer for a class.  H got free play time as well as group time.  It was a blast for us both.  Here is the link for this.  We have a local Gymboree gym, but other kids’ gyms include Little Gym.


5.  Booster Seat  ||  This is a practical gift that H will need as he transitions out of his high chair.  I like this one in “chocolate.”


6.  DIY Busy Board ||  I love the idea of this homemade busy board for little hands that are oh so busy!  Here is the link to see how to make it.


7.   Thank You Notes  ||  I certainly believe in the importance of an old-fashioned “thank you” sent by snail mail.  I hope to instill this in H as well.  Here are some cute cards that mom can write the message in but little hands can paint or color.  Link to Etsy to purchase here.  


8.  Personalized Matching or Memory Game ||  I just love the idea of including people H knows like grandparents, aunts, and uncles in a skill-based fun activity.  I think his face would light up to see some of his favorite people.  This product is by Pinhole Press (who also does fabulous Christmas cards) and featured on this blog which is also wonderful!  Check it out.


9.  Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site  ||  Since the Mr. works in construction and our little guy loves all things trucks and tractors and diggers, I thought this would be a great addition.  See link to Amazon here.  


10. Clothes  ||  I love Old Navy, Target, and especially J.C. Penney for Holden’s clothing.  Penney’s had great sales last year, and H was looking sharp well into the spring with all the cute duds he got.

Happy shopping!  Holden certainly doesn’t need any of these things (well except the clothes part!), but it is nice to get a couple of treats this time of year.  Most importantly, he has so many people that cherish every word he utters.  Treasured boy!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List for a 20 Month Old Boy

  1. That’s what we’re doing toooo!!!! lol. I was spoiled rotten as a child and grew to expect big Christmases every year. The key word is expect. So we are slowing down with our kids and going with the 4 ideas of want need wear & read. 🙂 love it!!!

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