The Thanksgiving That *Almost* Didn’t Happen

Hi There!  Wow-whee.  What a Thanksgiving!  I have to admit it was more than I could handle!  It all started on a call from H’s daycare on Wednesday that he was running a fever.  I quickly left work early on the early dismissal day (who wants to tell their administrator that one!) and picked him up.  After a quick pack job, a bit of lunch, and some Tylenol, we were off.  We being Roscoe the dog, H, and I.  At about the halfway mark between my house and my parents’, the yuck happens.  Poor boy starts to throw up.  In the car seat.  And I gotta go to the bathroom like no body’s business.  Now the dog is afraid and climbing all over.  By the way, it’s also raining.  I quickly changed our plans to eat with my in-laws and headed up to my parents’ house.  Upon arrival, H threw up again in the freshly cleaned bathroom.  I have to say I sped most the way there but am so glad we made it before the 2nd vomit and before I embarrassed myself by wetting my pants!  To help combat H’s dehydration, I asked my sister to drive me up to the local pharmacy for some meds and Pedialyte.  We got it for a very expensive price, but things got even more crazy/expensive on the way home.  We’re chatting away on the dark, back road until we hit a deer.  I’ve never been in a car accident before, but I can tell you it’s no good feeling!  I looked up just in time to see the deer go flying through the air.  What a scary moment.  Thankfully, we weren’t hurt besides for the snatch from our seat belts.  Once we got over the shock, we then noticed the poor, injured deer hopping around on the road.  Although I am admittedly a meat eater, I have to say that if I had to kill it myself I think I’d think twice or perhaps become a vegetarian!  A hunter stopped by the check on us and shot the deer to put it out of its suffering (more on this later).  Then, my daddy shows up to survey the damage.  Then, enters brother too.  A regular pre-Thanksgiving get-together!  I go home with the Pedialyte which sort-of indirectly caused the whole thing!  Stinky, sicky Holden!  It turned out the car might be totaled.  Things seemed to be perking up, and we all were in one piece to celebrate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  By the way, the deer was never found after the guy shot him.  Go figure.  Here are some pictures before things got messy again!



Fast forward to Thanksgiving night, H has no appetite and then throws up again!  Then, we all head off to bed.  3:30AM starts the yucks for me which continues on until 8 o’clock.  Fabulous stomach virus.  This was such a bummer as we had arranged to go Black Friday shopping with my mommy and sister WITHOUT Holden.  Things could get crazy and productive!  After nursing my sick stomach with tea and toast, I decided to pull myself up by my figurative boot straps and do it anyways.  We finally ventured off to Black Friday around noon and ended up having a great time!  I was fueled by toast, a sesame bagel, and applesauce all day but hey!  No baby, no worries!  Unfortunately, the Mr. did end up coming down with a belated case of it on Sunday around 4:30AM.  I’m very pleased to say that we are all back to our normal eating habits and are feeling A-OK as of right now.  What a doozey of a holiday!  I hope yours was illness-free and a little more recharging than ours.  Thankfully, we did not end up at the hospital or the funeral home.  There’s optimism for you!  Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this Thanksgiving as I’m sure my family will not either.  I have to say this leaves me more than ready for a healthy holiday filled with bellies that stay full of yumminess.  17 days to go until Christmas Break!!!   


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