Thoughts of a Introvert

I admit that I’m jealous of those ladies who can really feel comfortable in a crowd or heck even in a group of 3.  I’m more of a wallflower type.  This is a little strange as I’m sharing my thoughts and life through this blog.  It’s almost like I’m okay with people reading it as long as I don’t know about it.  In fact, this post was almost not-to-be as the Mr. decided it would be a good idea to come in and attempt to read over my shoulder.  This is a serious blog infraction and makes me want to hyperventilate.  In my mind, I always see those extroverts as just being more likable in general with a wider social group and therefore more going on than me.  I love to cook for people, but I confess the whole “entertaining” portion makes me sweat.  I love being out and about and doing things, but the thought of having to spend the day with anyone but close family or a friend makes me feel stressed.  Students and co-workers excluded, of course.  However, there are perks to being an introvert…



There is no fear of going places alone.  I’ve eaten in fast food and sit down restaurants alone and been just fine (thank you very much!).  I’ve contemplated going to the movies alone and would have gone if I hadn’t ended up going with my sister when she came into town.


I’m okay with spending the day with just me.  I confess I love a good Barnes & Noble date with just me, some magazines, and a hot drink.  I’m equally okay spending the day at home with just me.  It really lets me tackle a lot on my to do list and get a lot of recharging/thinking in.


If we’re friends, you know we are serious friends.  In the dating world, we’d be going steady, maybe even engaged or perhaps married!  I treasure the few I have and try to nurture those friendships.


Avoiding girl drama!  Since introverts typically don’t hang with a bunch of girls, there is less chance for the she-said issues.  This goes back to number three.  If we are friends, that probably means you know me really well, and I know you very well also.


Since I don’t say too much, I typically think before I speak.  This means *most likely* I’m not going to say something redundant, boring, or thoughtless.  I’m not trying to say that extroverts are thoughtless, boring, or repetitive.  I’m just saying that from my experience with words that come out of my mouth.

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