Finding Your Fitness

‘Tis the season when work-outs are missed but extra treats are not.  I struggle with this just as much as the next person at this time of year.  I’ve been eating my WEIGHT in chocolate the past two days.  A chocolate intervention is definitely needed!  However, I know I will get back on the healthy eating and fitness wagon, because I don’t like the way I feel when I’ve missed work-outs repeatedly or over-indulged repeatedly.  The “repeatedly” part is the key.  We can go treating our body poorly by giving it poor fuel and not letting it “stretch its legs” so to speak.  Everyone should take a break and enjoy all this holiday season has to offer  including time spent with family just relaxing and the delicious tastes that we only get this time of year.  How do we keep the fitness in our lives though?  When I’m visiting family, I’m away from my at-home work-out equipment and my gym.  Here’s how I try to fit in fitness…

  • Take the jogging stroller – I use this to take Holden with me on long walks with the dog.  This gets a lot done at one time.  Fresh air for babe, exercise for dog, and exercise/stress relief for Mama.
  • Pack running shoes and try to go for some amount of distance in the morning hours – We all know morning work-outs are more likely to be kept than afternoon or evening ones.  Keep this in mind on your holiday.  I get a thrill out of getting my work-out done, showering, and then jumping back into my pajamas.  Then, I still get to savor the relaxing time on the couch in my soft clothes aka PJs.  
  • Take advantage of being away from home to check out new, outdoor work-out areas like parks, towns, or perhaps even a new gym with a guest pass
  • Volunteer to pick up groceries for whomever you’re staying with – You can make sure to pick up what they might need plus some healthy snacks like bottled water, almonds, fruit, and salad greens.  Greek yogurt is good too!
  • Make walks social by inviting family members to join
  • Work-out DVDs – A dvd doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase.  Just pop it in early in the morning, and you’re done!  Pick something that does require much equipment.  Yoga is good.  I can definitely make do with just a rug.  
  • Volunteer to cook a side dish – You can make your side dish something that is more on the healthy side.  Then, you have a healthy option when it comes time to chow down.

Do you have any other tips?  How do you stay fit during the holidays?  I took full advantage of a little town on our way home from the Thanksgiving holiday.  We (the traveling Three Musketeers = Me, Roscoe the Dog, and H) stopped in Cape Charles and enjoyed the pretty views and picturesque homes.  What a nice change from our usual walk around the neighborhood!  Idyllic pictures below.  Sidenote:  The Mr. and I were married there three years ago.  Brought back sweet memories.  


Remember, someone somewhere is wishing they were able to do what you can do right now.  Treat your body right.


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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