Peace, Not Stress

In our current time, it is certainly the trend to say the word “stressed.”  I think it may have surpassed “tired” as the go to word.  I counted at dinner tonight, and the Mr. and I were guilty of using the s-word two times.  It may have been more on another night since I was a little biased.  I did know I was counting after all.  The point is that I STILL used the word even though I knew I was counting the times it was said.  Why is it the trend for all adults plus kids to be walking around stressed all the time?  I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with guilt and perception.  If we aren’t stressed/busy/tired, then we just must not be doing our very best at work, at home, in our relationships, as a mom.  Do you have these talks with yourself?  Do you talk yourself into feeling stressed?  Do you feel pressed to do and be everything?  Do you sometimes agree with others that you are stressed and tired when you really aren’t?  I know I can answer yes to these questions.  


We are always looking for ways to beat the stress.  This may be wine, bubble baths, or both!  This could include a girls’ night or time at the gym.  However, this season seems to buffalo even the most dedicated, zen-like person.  I really love this article by Jennifer at Unveiled Wife wrote at Ruth’s sweet site the Better Mom.  The tips were practical without suggesting you take on Scrooge-like qualities.  Here are a few of my tips for saving your holiday sanity while still enjoying the specialness this season has to offer…

  • Keep up some type of fitness routine but be flexible with yourself
  • Try to limit yourself to one treat a day.  If your having a holiday work party, don’t indulge in those tasty but rich Christmas cookies.  They will still be there for your treat time tomorrow.
  • Use your phone or camera to capture impromptu moments of peace and beauty this holiday season.  Looking through these pictures when you’re having a challenging day will be uplifting.  Share the best on social media to spread simple joy.
  • Set up a Secret Santa for gift exchanging this year.  I wrote about it on this post.  
  • Pick one to two fun activities to do.  It really isn’t necessary to go ice skating, do Elf on the Shelf every single night from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24, read every Christmas book known to man, attend multiple parades, visit a mall Santa, AND get holiday pictures taken.  I’m so guilty of this one!  I’ve tried to scale back a little bit this year, but I’ll be honest this is challenging.  No matter what, my son needs a mom who isn’t running around like a crazy person who is sleep deprived due to all the holiday run arounds.  Also, I’ll be honest about the whole family pic Christmas cards.  I’ve done it for the past two years, but I actually enjoy receiving the old-fashioned ones with the glitter and pretty scenes with a hand-written, sweet note.  Why am I depriving myself of this joy!?!?!?  Way simpler than ordering up prints or personalized cards and I personally like them better!
  • Giving back – This is the important thing about the whole season, a symbol of God’s love and our job to love one another.  This is an easy one to get pushed under the rug as we race around doing so much for our kids, our family, and our friends.  I’m looking for ways to give time, but I also like to donate “on the fly” such as with the bell ringers outside of all the big stores, church, and Christmas for Families.  
  • Make shopping streamlined through online shopping – Only head out in the crowds for a mega deal or a fun trip.  The Mr. and I went out one day and hit a few stores.  It was actually fun since we knew what we were getting and of course that we did it together.  The means can be just as important as the goal, gifts purchased!

Whatever you do, however you celebrate remember that what people most need and want from you is your happiness and peace.  A peaceful me certainly results in a general feeling of peace for our home.  Happy Christmas Preparation!

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