5 For Friday

Today’s post (which I’m actually doing on a Thursday as tomorrow promises to be very busy!) highlights my five favorite restaurants in the Southside Hampton Roads area in Virginia.  I am picky about my eats, and I prefer things that are healthy and fresh.  The joke is when my mom and sister visit for me to suggest something healthy, inexpensive, and new!  After living here for over six years, I have tried quite a few.  Here are my top five picks (in no particular order)…


Baker’s Crust – Just an awesome lunch spot!  I love their Baker’s Combo which allows you to pick a 1/2 sandwich and a 1/2 salad or soup combo.  Very similar to Panera.  The coffee is excellent.  I love the wine country salad, and my mom is a serious fan of the raspberry almond bar.  I am a chocolate lover, but this desert is divine.  There are locations in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.  I believe there may also be a location in Chesapeake.



YNOT Pizza – Reasonably priced, fast, and delicious/fresh pizza!  Pizza is usually a food that I can only eat when I make it at home.  It really upsets my stomach.  However, YNOT is an exception.  I love how it is decorated nicely inside at the Virginia Beach location (only one I’ve been to).  There are locations in Chesapeake and Norfolk as well.  



Fruitive – This is a new spot that I like.  It is very health conscious.  I love the collard green wrap!  You just feel like you can safely stuff your face with all the yumminess wrapped up in a collard green.  Drinks/Juices must be bought separately, so it can run you a little more than you would expect in the money department.  It is good to note that Holden fully approves of their kale chips.  




Misako – Basic, quality sushi place.  This does not have the bells and whistles of other sushi places, but I love it!  The Mr. and I started going there when we were living in our apartment about 2 minutes away.  There is never a wait.  The staff is very friendly.  They have reasonable prices as well as a buffet on some days/nights.  This is in central Virginia Beach.  



Back Bay Gourmet – This is in southern Virginia Beach, and I have only been once.  It was excellent though!  The gift shop area is very cute and reminds me of another good spot, Taste Unlimited.  Soups and sandwiches were excellent, and the dessert selection was huge.  Many of the beautiful desserts were made on-site.  It was a very relaxing atmosphere even with a 20 month old boy.  Good news, there is also a changing table here!  


I hope this list will help you when you are visiting Virginia Beach or if you are a local.  If you know the area, do you have any favorite spots?  I like to try new things when I’m able!


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