Leaving the 20s Behind

Today is my birthday, and I am 30.  How did this happen!?!?!  I feel like I was just starting college or at least just starting my teaching career.  Time certainly marches on.  Now, I am living as an adult in my own home with a husband and a dog and a CHILD who is big enough to say “Happy Birthday, Mommy!” I got lots of “Happy Birthday!” wishes, phone calls with musical treats from family, facebook posts, and hugs.  I even got a special floral delivery from my daddy which smelled and looked just beautiful.  The Mr. surprised me with cards, cupcakes, and jewelry.  The band pictured below is his birthstone.  I absolutely love it.  Can’t wait to wear it ALL THE TIME.  Here are some pics from the big day!


I feel like this has been one of those big birthdays that I’ll remember.  I have some fond memories of my 16th, 18th, and 21st birthday.  I always felt like after those it was all down hill.  This birthday feels different.  I feel so much more grown-up.  I feel like this birthday makes you think a bit more.  I know I’ve got years ahead that will teach me plenty, but I also think the first thirty have done a decent job of wising me up.  

30 Things:

1.  Friends change as life changes.  A few will remain the same, but many will change.

2.  Family is forever.  Even if you don’t talk to them or see them, you carry them as a part of you.  Note:  I see and talk to mine frequently.  Just sayin’.  

3.  A first dog that is really your very own is a forever friend.

4.  College life is hard but is good prep for living as an adult.  

5.  Transferring college is not recommended unless absolutely necessary.

6.  Confidence and knowing your mind is something only possible for most people in the 20s.  Certainly not high school age unless you’re lucky/wise beyond years.

7.  Lemon juice will curdle a milk-based soup.  

8.  The first year either living together or married may be the hardest year for a relationship.

9.  Never underestimate the power of a good work-out or a smoothie with greens in it to make you feel so much better.

10.  Journaling is like cheap therapy.

11.  My favorite color is black in the winter.

12.  Getting a magazine subscription versus buying one at the check-out is just a simply wiser decision.

13.  When in doubt, commit to something.  Just as long as it isn’t crime.  I’m thinking like a pottery class or dinner plans, people!

14.  The worst chore ever is folding laundry.  Period.

15.  Invest in nice water bottles and running shoes.

16.  Breastfeeding is the hardest thing.  Harder than childbirth.  No lie.  I think it is the mental.

17.  Falling in love with your child can happen days or months after he/she is born.

18.  Creating moments is perfectly okay.  Don’t wait for things to “magically” align.

19.  Go for medical check-ups often and don’t be afraid to argue with those folks.

20.  Roasting veggies in the oven is the easiest way to get my bambino to chow down.

21.  The best work-out gear is not necessary.  Neither is the mid-priced.  It just matters if you get it done!

22.  Husbands and wives show love in different ways.  No one way should be valued over the other.  

23.  I can do things that are hard/miserable and live to tell the tale!  (See childbirth, half-marathons, and a 6 hour long class on special education law that was taught on Sundays!)  

24.  Parents are right.  You will never understand their love for you until you have one of your own.

25.  Children are children.  They need to be treated kindly before anything else like the dreaded multiplication!

26.  Vacations are fun, but often it is the misadventures that happen that keep you talking and keep you thankful to be spending time with loved ones.

27.  Baking bread is an art form and should only be done by the absolute pros.

28.  Having a Christmas birthday means you will not be able to schedule a pseudo-birthday party in August, call it your birthday party, and get presents.  Found this out the hard way many years ago.

29.  Being able to ask for forgiveness is one of the most freeing feelings.

30.  Having people to love is one of the greatest opportunities to be thankful for.


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