5 for Friday

Hello People!  I’m excited to report that this Friday is the very last work day for the 2013 year.  The Mr. is off too, and we are so looking forward to a little less hectic pace and lots more family time.  I have to admit that I am worn out right now from all the festivities.  December has been busy so far with travels to Maryland, family visits, shopping, class parties, wrapping, baking, etc.  I’ve enjoyed doing it all but busy nonetheless!  Here’s my always eager baker…


I know it’s a lot of similar pics, but I just love the see the concentration and emotion on H’s face.  So fun!  My 5 for Friday this week will be my five health goals for the Christmas break.  I want to be gentle and patient with myself this time of the year (that means enjoying rest and treats), but I also don’t want to be feeling that yuck feeling of too much of a good thing!


Walk Roscoe the dog each and every day.  He needs and loves it, and I certainly need more fresh air.  Sometimes, I only spend a 20 minutes outside in a day.  I definitely want to increase that time on our days off.


Drink 60 ounces of water daily.  Not including coffee!  Anyone who knows me knows that this might be the loftiest goal ever.  I get so dehydrated and don’t take the time to drink.  I can eat whole meals and not take one sip.  I’m going to shoot for 20 before 9 AM, another 20 before 2 PM, and then finish off the last 20 in the late afternoon/evening.  Perhaps an alarm on my phone to help with this???


Keep to my regular work-out schedule of Su/T/Th for strength training and cardio.  I’d also like to incorporate yoga into my off days.  I plan to pack my yoga DVDs and mat.  This is perfect for before H gets up or during nap time.  Since there are more folks around, I think I can convince a grandparent or two to babysit while I fit in a run.  


Bed by 10.  This is another lofty goal.  I tend to get so excited to talk with everyone that I don’t want to go to bed.  Just like a kid!  I even have the Mr. remind me about bedtime.  Then, I usually whine at him about complying with my own decision!  Can we say baby!?!?!  Oh well, here goes goal four!


Journal each and every day.  I find writing out my prayers/thoughts to be really helpful wether it’s done first thing in the morning or before bed.  Taking the time to “clean house” mentally is soothing to me.  I’ll be packing all that gear too.

What ways do you preserve your “routine” and overall health during the hectic holiday season?

Have a happy Friday!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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