Let’s Just Stop Pretending…

So we all know how moms (and some dads too!) post these lovely perfect pics of their little cherubs doing insanely genius and cute things on facebook and Instagram.  Believe me, I’m a definite culprit of this too.  I am also guilty of falsely believing that every child is RIGHT except my child.  I believe the lies that no other child bites a friend, no other child tests boundaries, no other mom loses it and yells, no other child is blatantly disobedient, no other child yells “NO!” back at mom or dad, no other child refuses to eat what used to be a favorite food.  The truth is that my child has just about done all those things in the past 48 hours.  He is not perfect.  He is not a child genius (I’m pretty sure about this one.  🙂 ).  He is not the most well-behaved.  He is not going to “just sit quietly” during a story.  He does not watch TV.  He is not enamored with technology devices such as iPads or other such items.  He loves books of all kinds, especially truck books.  He is thrilled to play “horse” with his daddy, and he always loves a good tickle fest.  He looks forward to each and every family visit.  He thinks every long-ish car ride is to see somebody like “Poppy, Moochie, Ganny, DeeDee, Michael, SaBeth, Cullie, Brookie, etc.”  He eats fruits and veggies (cooked in the oven only, thank you very much) like they are going out of style.  He is one photogenic dude and not bashful a bit.  He is a sweet, inquisitive boy who tries my patience on a mostly minute-to-minute basis when he is awake.  The thing about this is that he is supposed to.  He is trying to figure out the world, his place in it, and what he can and cannot do.  Is it my job to make him completely compliant?  No.  Should he be the first in his preschool class to know all his letters and sounds?  No.  Is it my job to correct ever single social and academic mistake he makes?  No.  Is it my job to provide him with parameters?  Yes.  Should I encourage him to read and talk about his world?  Yes.  Should I judge him by his peers?  This answer gets a yes and a no.  There are certain skills that we want for all children.  Yes, he should stop running from me when I call his name, especially in a public situation like the parking lot, you crazy kid!  Yes, he should play nicely and not hurt/bite ANYONE.  Yes, he should say “No, thank you” to food or things he would not like.  However, I like his spunk.  I like that he isn’t going to contently accept what I give him.  He’s going to inquire.  He’s going to investigate.  He’s going to try and figure things out for himself.  My little, strong-willed, spirited child.  My ever-changing life lesson.  My son.  Thank you for being my number one teacher about life and myself.  



Love you.  

Your mommy.

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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