Craving Spring

Good Sunday to You!

I’m ever so happy to say it’s Sunday and officially our day of rest.  Saturday was filled with all the chores of being a grown-up like cleaning, grocery shopping, gym-going, and entertaining (H did most of that for us!).  Today is ours to flake out a bit and take it easy.  We did the same last Sunday, and it was wonderful.  

We’ve also had some warmer temps.  When this happens in January, I’m always fooled into thinking spring is around the corner, and the next batch of cold weather is really hard to take.  This time of the year is hard for many people as the fun rush of the holidays is over and the reality of life sets back in.  Reality can be good, but it definitely takes some getting used to after visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads!

Here’s some spring things that might provide just the boost you need to get through January and February…

a Valentine’s craft…  Click photo to go to the DIY instructions.  


eat lots more fruit!  I sent the Mr. to the grocery store yesterday, and he came back with a 5 lb. bag of oranges, the same of apples, and a huge container of sweet-as-can-be strawberries!  I did fuss with him about buying so much as we are planning a little family visit this coming weekend, but I am very excited about all the fruit choices we have.  


Plan for fun weddings!  The Mr. and I have one in April, and I’m so looking forward (already!!) to it/time without sweet H!  I’ve looked at two dresses online and am really contemplating buying one versus wearing something I have.   Sometimes the anticipation of the event is just as much fun as the event.  I’m going to do it up right with nails, dress, even a trial run of the hair style.  Mommy doesn’t go on “date nights!”  Can you tell?!?!?!?




Mr. said that I needed a colorful, but I must admit the top one caught my eye first.  Both dresses are on Zappos.  

I’m also working to rekindle my love for working out.  A calf pain/injury plus some lower abdomen pain have really not helped my resolve.  I’ve been hitting the gym but not loving it.  Cold temps definitely affect my willingness to suit up in shorts and a tank to go as well.  I’ve been really bulking up (meaning=getting really large muscles!).  While there is nothing wrong with large muscles, I’d like to vary my workout routine a bit and focus on cardio and flexibility while keeping my muscles in check.  I’m excited to report that I’ve signed up for an 8K around St. Patty’s Day, so there’s work to be done to prepare for that!  I’m thinking of investing in a new workout DVD to stir up my love for fitness again.  A Valentine’s present from me to me?  Perhaps!


Pinterest Help Above



Amazon Link Here || Link to Best Workout DVDs of 2013 Here

Spring will be here before we know it.  Just got to keep truckin’ along until then.  Cheering ourselves along on the way!




P.S.  If you need greater inspiration or just some pretty pics, google “Pinterest Spring.”  🙂

2 thoughts on “Craving Spring

  1. I was looking at the barre workout! But I just ordered T25! I guilt myself so much working full time and getting my quality time in with c and let’s face it, I just am useless getting up prior to 6am 🙂 excited to try it out!

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