How to Marry Your Political Opposite and Live to Tell the Tale

Happy Snow Day (again)!  We are off another day due to the weather, and I have to say that I’m really getting cabin fever.  I am so in need of getting out and about even if it means going extra slow and having to start my car about 30 minutes before we leave.  H and I are going to “try” to get to my local running store to deal with a shoe issue.  More on that later!  What’s really on my mind today is a ten second scene from a TV show that led to an hour or more long “discussion” between the Mr. and I regarding our political views.  There were attempts made at nice, adult-like conversation.  Then, (as these things tend to do) there was insult slinging and party generalizations made.  You would have thought the fate of the United States hung on who won made the best point.  This led me to turn to trusty Google to see if there are any good guidelines for marrying your political opposite.  My tips are…

  • avoid in-depth discussions of specific issues
  • give it ten minutes and then make a joke and move on
  • avoid name calling or blanket statements
  • respect your partner’s decisions and choices

As you can see, I broke all of these last night, and I’m pretty sure the Mr. did too.  Although, I’m not sure he would admit!  He admits nothing to me, the enemy (JK!).  Here’s other tips I found…

How to Keep Your Political Differences From Hurting Your Marriage

    • Bridge your differences by agreeing to disagree.
    • Stick to unbiased, provable facts.
    • Don’t ridicule one another’s opinions.
    • Allow your partner to have his/her own convictions.
    • Do not try subtle politicizing in your comments about budget planning or when you remind your spouse about needing to get gas in the car.
    • Remember to use your listening skills when discussing politics.
    • Remind yourselves that when talking politics, your friendship with your spouse is what is important 
    • Show respect for each other’s political views.
    • Don’t try to change your spouse’s opinions. Instead try to understand those opinions. You can understand something without agreeing with it.
    • Look for what the two of you have in common on the political issues.

See original article on here.

I confess I do love my political opposite.  We are on the same page in so many ways and on so many issues.  Variety is the spice of life.  I guess politics is one of our spicy areas!  Plus, he is pretty cute to boot!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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