5 for Friday

Good Saturday Morning!

This post is a bit late since I got busy with that whole concept of “work.”  We had two great days off which made for a grand total of 2 days spent working this week.  That was thanks in part to snow and in part to the MLK holiday.  The snow was so pretty (for a while), and little H loved playing in it (I was frozen in 5 minutes).  To be truthful, I’m really craving spring.  Bad.  I was evening pinteresting (is that a verb???) spring clothes, spring decor, spring anything last night.  What a wild Friday night, right?!?!?  Here is my winter-longing-for-spring-themed 5 for Friday.  Enjoy!


Pioneer Woman’s Hot Chocolate – I never grew up having hot cocoa.  It was always hot chocolate, and I was so excited to get Holden to try some.  This proved tricky since he hates hot/warm foods and drinks.  After several sessions of blowing on it plus the addition of a fun straw to our mug, I got him to try it.  Of course, he loved it!  How could he not?!?!?  His mom has a serious chocolate addiction.  Seriously, I get concerned sometimes.  Here is the link to the recipe we did.  We had the basic hot chocolate although I’m not too sure there’s anything “basic” about it.  Note:  I had 0 half and half, so I used some of H’s whole milk instead.  Beware!  This is rich stuff!



Art time – Holden loves “coloring!”  I confess I don’t give him as many opportunities as I would like to get messy.  Sometimes, it seems there is just no time during the week to drag out the paint and such.  We did take time this past Tuesday to dot and swipe with paint.  I have used these Bingo markers from Dollar Tree for like 100 years, and I “thought” they were perfect for Holden.  He loves to dot the paint on, and there is easier for him to control than a paint brush.  However…I finally read the label which said nontoxic, but it also said keep away from children!  😦  Mom fail.  I’m on the look-out for replacement ones that are child friendly.  I confess these bingo markers have been in use for 7, count them 7 years, and still work.  Perhaps it is something scary inside them!  



Tulips – Holden and I took a mini field trip on our last snow day.  Unfortunately, the main stop we were heading to as closed, but we did end up at Whole Foods.  Now, I hardly ever go here.  It is typically slammed pack full of people.  Not to mention, their prices are quite out of my food budget range.  When I do go, it’s almost like I’m on a tour at a museum.  Just to look.  We did end up picking up some organic popped popcorn which has been a nice treat since I never buy popcorn.  Did you know corn is the most genetically modified food on the planet?  I’ve had to resort to buying organic frozen corn and just trying to ignore the fact that most corn add-ins are GMO.  Anywho, this popcorn was NOT GMO corn.  Yay!  We also picked up some beautiful pink tulips.  They are currently very chilly but oh-so-pretty by my kitchen window.  


Note:  This is obviously not my kitchen.  This picture was taken from the Whole Foods website.  Here is a link for taking care of your tulip beauties.  


Swimsuit – Dreaming of warm weather is my number one daydreamin’ job.  I did a little looking on Victoria’s Secret on our snow days and found some cute (and on sale!) swimsuits.  There are my top three picks.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  


Then, there is this one.  But which color…



Here is the link to swim sales at VS.  


Valentine’s Day – I have some V Day plans in the work to surprise the Mr. and the little one.  I also put up my Valentine’s Day decor and use an inexpensive frame to make a quick little-something to decorate a tabletop.  I recycled my pink garland used to decorate my sis-in-law’s shower and draped it over the curtain rod above our sliding glass doors.  Here’s the festive look at our house…



I picked up the little grapevine 3 hearts from Goodwill for about $2.  What a find!

I’m planning a fun menu for the big day since we’ll be at home together with nice dinner out planned for the following evening.  This is what I’m thinking…


  • Diced Strawberries
  • Cinnamon Buns (made heart-shaped, of course!)  See link here.


  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust with toppin’s  (This is going to be interesting!  Link here. )   I may make one small one, and then do Bagel Bites-esque pizza for the Mr. and H in case they revolt against my cauliflower!
  • Salad with Cranberries
  • Dessert – I’m thinking something more decadent since we’re eating so healthy with our veggie pizza!  Chocolate Mousse!  Link here.  

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day?  Any traditions?  

Have a wonderful weekend.


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