Easy Meal Planning with Your DIY Recipe Binder

We’re back into this weekday business, and I know that I personally find these busy days, Monday through Friday, to be the most challenging of the week by far.  To help ease the dinnertime rush, I always plan out my dinners.  I made a little menu frame which you can see here, and I write out all the entrees and sides with a dry erase marker that wipes right off at the end of the week.  Back before baby, I got the idea to consolidate my recipes collected over time from magazines, websites, and just plain old recipe cards.  I chose the binder method.  I got a nice 2 inch-ish binder that I’m pretty sure I recycled from college that was super durable.  Then, I got protective sheet covers (to go in binder), a three ring hole punch, and plenty of patience aka reality TV on in the background.  I sorted all my recipes into categories and started to assemble.  By the way, I’ve tried nearly every recipe in the binder.  As I try these recipes, I throw out the so-so or not good at all ones.  No sense keeping something that isn’t good.  I confess that I haven’t tried all the dessert recipes, but I have a whole bunch of those.  Besides, I feel sure that any containing chocolate are just fine, thank you very much!  Here’s what my handy dandy binder looks like…


I definitely need to take some time to add new ones and refile used ones.  This is also handy as you can take it out of the binder when you’re cooking.  When I need to plan up some meals, I do check Pinterest, my favorite magazines, cookbooks I own, AND my recipe binder.  If I’m feeling less than inspired or pushed for time, I go to my binder first and just get it done.  Nothing beats knowing what dinner is at 5 o’clock on a Wednesday night.  Hope this helps any of you who are in need of life preserver when it comes to weeknight meals and meal planning.  Believe me, it’s worth the start up time to have a variety of recipes handy.  Bonus:  Make sure you have healthy meals in there!  Treats are okay, but healthy is best 90% of the time.  Happy eating!



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