Snow Day Activities for a Toddler

Greetings from Snowland!

Mother Nature dumped 8-ish inches of powder on us last night.  Therefore, I’m happily typing from home while the little, busy guy is napping.  I confess that I absolutely adore being home with H in the summer (I’m a teacher!), but being home with him on snow days can get tricky.  The thing is he loves to go…go outside…go to the store…go to the beach…go to see family…just as long as he is going all is well in the world.  Favorite phrase right now is “I go in Daddy’s truck!”  Seriously, he just wants to go.  Snow days aren’t a good match for a toddler who likes to go.  Our current snow is too deep for him to even walk in.  Plus, the temps are so crazy low that he can’t really stay outside for too long.  So, what are we to do?  Watch countless hours of TV?  No, H is not a fan nor am I.  Play quietly in our room for hours on end?  No, not happening.  Lose our minds and run around like crazy people inside our house?  Maybe…but only after we’ve finished everything else on our “Snow Do” list.

Snow Do List:

read books

build a blanket tunnel (using coffee table and sofa)

play outside in small increments of time

go for a wagon walk

cook up something delicious (we’re making fruit pizzas later today- recipe here)

paint/color/something artsy

long bubble bath with various cups and kitchen tools to make it novel and fun

Youtube some Elmo videos – H’s favorite

Just a few ideas to stop the insanity.  Holden is a great little helper, so I also will have him “help” me put away clothes or even dust/vacuum.  He has his own feather duster that he likes to use.  Plus, he likes to hold the vacuum cleaner attachments.  I’m thinking some cleaning work is in our future if we’re off from school tomorrow too.  It is certainly looking that way!  Check out these snow days pics!


Hope you’re able to enjoy your snow day at home (if you have one!).


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