Snowed In Yet Again!

Another chilly day means no snow melting around here!  We continue to keep ourselves busy with all sorts of stuff…no cleaning though!  I’m convinced that snow may just be the most messy stuff around.  I was thinking about waiting until the weekend aka snow starts to melt, not so many layers coming on and off, mucky feet coming inside to clean, and then I talked to my dad about the NEXT weather system that is coming through next week which may dump more snow on us!  Yikes!  Although it is still far out to make predictions, I’m thinking using the snow as an excuse not to clean may just not hold up much longer as it seems to be a permanent visitor around these parts.  

We started off the morning with a good breakfast, some TODAY show (talking about those poor people in Atlanta!), and a little card game.  Holden is a matching king, and he’s really getting the hang of this turn-taking.  Sidenote:  I had to restrain him to get him to understand taking turns when we first played a “game” together.  It was no game at first, believe me.  Before anyone panics, maybe I should have said bear hug him to pieces versus restrain, but facts are facts.  Then, we spent about an hour outside in the winter wonderland that is our backyard and neighborhood.  The sun felt wonderful, and it is so peaceful with not many cars on the road.  Holden even called out “Birds!” each time he would hear one go chirping by.  We enjoyed a leisurely lunch together where Holden and I argued over who was going to hold the milk cup since he is working on learning how to drink out of a cup with no lid.  I won, but it was close!  We both enjoyed one of the delicious fruit pizzas cooked up yesterday as a trial run for his daycare birthday treat.  I’m thinking of sending them in just frosted with the healthy-ish topping (cream cheese, whipped topping, and a bit of powdered sugar) with diced fruit for the kids to decorate their own “pizza.”  Anywho, here are some pics of our day so far…  I’m using this precious nap time to work on H’s birthday plans and prep dinner.  We’re having a delicious pork recipe which basically means I’m going to marinate some pork and sauté with baked acorn squash.  Yummy!  I love winter squash so much more than the summer stuff!  There’s a plus to this season!


Yes, I know the snow ramp looks a little scary.  We were super careful, and the Mr. carefully engineered it so that H would safely fall (if he did fall off his sled/boogie board) into the powdery snow.  He had a blast!  Unfortunately the boogie board is now only good for sledding! Happy snow fun!



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