Planning for a Full Week

Tomorrow is a Monday in a big way!  We (H and I) have been on a snow vacation since last Tuesday night when we got the “school’s cancelled” call.  Being home 24/7 for 3 days straight was a little daunting at first with my wonderfully busy 22-month old.  However, we got into an awesome rhythm and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Reality strikes tomorrow, and I felt/feel myself panicking for most of this Sunday.  The day was filled with cleaning, church, groceries, and kitchen duty.  I did go for a run  after whining about it for an embarrassingly long time.  The Mr. finally got me to get a move-on and get it done.  I tried out my new shoes and was slightly bummed that one foot felt great in them.  The other…not so much.  I’m going to try this lacing method out…



I saw this neat-o picture on New Balance Virginia Beach’s Facebook site this evening.  Click here to check out there page.  Since everything is super soggy here, I ran about 4-ish miles at the VB Oceanfront Boardwalk.  Into the wind for the first two miles and with the wind pushing me along for the end.  



I am so glad to say that we (and I do mean “we” – – it was very much a team effort today!) are ready for a full work week with lots of after-work plans as well.  This is what’s on the menu for the week…


Recipes seen below for some of the items…



The “Serves 6” recipe is an awesome chicken pot pie.  We enjoyed that tonight!  Seriously good.  Also, the venison turned out to be much, much better than I thought.  The Mr. usually handles the gamey meat, but I stepped up to the plate and hit a homer (sport references are appropriate for Super Bowl Sunday, right???).  P.S.  I am not watching.  So there.  Another P.S.  “Broc.” is a certain green veggie that makes FREQUENT appearances at our house thanks to H’s demands.  

Now that food is all taken care of, the ultimate plan is just to take it a day at a time and focus on making it through Monday with a good attitude.  Yikes!  Here’s my fitness plan for the week…

  • Monday – 15 min. Yoga DVD at home (early AM), walk the doggie
  • Tuesday – AM run/PM weights at home with Holden spotting (LOL!)
  • Wednesday – 15 min. Yoga DVD at home (early AM), Rain likely so we’ll see about the doggie walk
  • Thursday – GYM workout!!!  Cross-train
  • Friday – 30 min. Yoga DVD at home (early AM)

Have a wonderful week!  🙂





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