5 for Friday

Yay!  We made it alive and in one piece through the five day work week!  I have to admit it went by very quickly with lots of meetings both personal and at school.  I can hardly believe that next Friday will be Valentine’s Day!  With that being said, let’s get to a 5 for Friday before it’s Saturday!  


Thinking about little man’s upcoming second birthday exactly one month from today…



Enjoying my books…E-books are overrated.  Old-fashioned ones are the way to go.  No tech issues here.  This is a sign on one of my classroom bulletin boards.  



Matching yogurty breakfasts!  Blueberry whole milk organic yo for H plus some ground flax seed – 1/4 c. oats, slash of water, spoonful of ground flax, and a pineapple Chobani for me with a few pretty berries.  Breakfast ready to go in the fridge for the next day.



Today is day 3 of no chocolate.  I’m still having sweets like the oatmeal cookie I enjoyed from Subway tonight.  Just no chocolate.  I just lose my mind with chocolate, and I look up and realize the whole bag of morsels is gone in 1 weekend!  This is a recipe that I tried this week.  Very satisfying!  The bake time is a little long.  You could microwave it and then slip it into the oven just for the broiling/browning purposes.  Original recipe can be seen here.  




***   I used old-fashioned oats in mind as well as regular whole wheat flour.  

I did use applesauce for the primary oil with just a bit of butter on top.  ***


I am thankful to have health insurance that allows me to take the little guy pictured below without fear of not being able to pay.  For twenty dollars, we got to talk to Dr. Kagan, get H’s chest listened to, ears checked, and just generally have a grand time flirting with all the office staff.  It turns out that his cough is resulting from the molar teething process.  His excess saliva is just choking him right up.  Of course, I turned to Google just to see if there is anything I can do to help the process.  I did find this interesting article with some tips.  Hopefully, we’ll have those teeth in soon.  


P.S.  Thanks for the handsome shirt, Granny!  🙂

Hope you have a great weekend.  


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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