Staying Motivated

This whole gloomy, chilly weather really does a number on a fitness resolve.  I find myself really struggling with even wanting to walk the poor dog when it’s 38 degrees and windy.  I know it could be much worse as the Northern and Midwestern U.S. gets what seems like nonstop snow and freezing temps.  Where in the world is spring?!?!?!  Then, there’s that business with the groundhog’s doom and gloom report from last Sunday.  I am actually avoiding looking at our gas bill (we heat our home with natural gas) as I’m sure it has gone up considerably since the last billing period.  

As far as the eats and workouts go, we’ve done pretty well.  I tell you what though…a 4:40 AM wake up call twice a week (three times a week for the Mr.) is really, really jarring, but the cold, icy air that hits legs in shorts is the real cold water in the face of it all.  I did make it to my Tuesday gym date in those early hours, but Thursday was a bust as I didn’t sleep well the night before.  When this happens, I either try to make it up in the afternoon or do a little home workout.  Well, the whole gym time in the afternoon doesn’t really cut it anymore with work and then quickly getting to the little man.  This leads us to Jillian.  Oh, Jillian.  Queen of the quick and very dirty, very ugly 20 minute workouts.  I did the 30 day shred DVD by Jillian Michaels with Holden and Roscoe.  They were both pretty well behaved, but the living room looked like a whirlwind blew through while I was sweating in front of the TV.  Sometimes, I can get Holden to kind of participate with me by counting reps, sitting on my pelvis while I do those butt enhancing pelvis thrust things that look crazy.  Jillian will allow for none of that.  It’s so fast and so furious that I’m gasping just to keep up with her!  In other news, yoga feel by the wayside as per usual.  I did get a freezing nice 5.1 mile run in on Saturday and a gym workout today!  Yay me!  




I also bit the bullet so to speak this weekend and ordered up a new dvd, Pure Barre.  I was seduced by the novelty of it and the fact that it promises “long and lean” dancer muscles.  Well, I certainly CAN’T dance, but long and lean I like.  In other news, I’ve been enjoying these HUGE wheat biscuits that the Mr. got me from Wally World.  They are GIGANTIC!  And so very filling!  I’m actually down to my last serving, but his accidental purchase was pretty satisfying.  I’ve been eating them with 1/2 a banana and a sprinkle of dried cranberries + ground flax seed with milk.  I’ve also been enjoying eating them with my little table mate below.  



Hope you have a great week filled with moments of warmth even if you got to sit in front of an electric heater!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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