Where We Are Right Now

The past two weeks have been just plain crazy and exhausting.  We decided (after great, great deliberation) to put our house on the market.  We found a real estate agent through our previous agent who is out of the country right now that we feel will really aggressively market and sell our house.  At 1,100 square feet, we are short on space especially with the possibility of expanding our family.  Now, I know this is a first world problem!  We are very blessed to have our current home with all of its amenities.  If it is mean to be, it will be in regards to a larger home for us.  

To give us a little competitive edge that we’ll need, we decided after speaking with our agent to really declutter/move larger furniture items into storage.  The Mr. (especially the Mr.) and I worked on this all.last.weekend.  Let me also say it was such a nice weekend, but we spent it hauling out furniture and making lots of trips to the storage unit.  I have to admit the house looks so much better with less clutter and just with less furniture.  It’s easier to keep neat which is really a good thing since we have to leave each day assuming that someone may be stopping by the see the house.  Potential buyers!  We also have really been taking on some home projects that had just gotten pushed to the back burner for quite some time.  This included a quick repaint, ceiling paint repair, sticking doors, repaint door trim, etc.  It’s just amazing what a little motivation can do!  

It is definitely a whole different ballgame this time as we are selling and buying with a toddler.  Holden has been such a good sport about all the busy-ness.  He actually looks at it as something new Mommy and Dada are doing that is just so darn fascinating.  



Holden, enjoying his boots from his Granny







Bundled up in this cold weather ~ When is spring going to be here!??!?!





Dining Room Painting Project 




H, begging for more green smoothie!  I absolutely love to see him drink one of these!  🙂




Blurry picture of H’s play kitchen ~ Yes, this is his Christmas 2014 present.  Done and done.




Our messy house last weekend!  Thank goodness it’s done!  Photo bomb Roscoe



Our clean, neat dining room table ~ Trying to keep fresh flowers for the “visitors,” but they are nice for us to enjoy too.



Visit from the street pavers ~ Holden love it.  Surprise, surprise!



Big boy 2 year old pictures!  By Picture People.  I got this pose in a bunch of sizes for $16 thanks to a Groupon.  




Corn/Wheat combo tortilla from Trader Joe’s with a big veggie salad including roasted broccoli, avocado, cheese, salsa, and plain Greek yogurt




I actually had a hard time not buying this.  How precious and for a Target price!



My little man right after he completely soaked his pants with water from his sippy cup.  Aren’t those lids supposed to be kid-proof?


Have a happy, renewing Sunday.  

P.S.  How relaxing is this Elmo and India Aire ABC song



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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