DIY: How to “Stage Your Home” for Sale

Good Monday Morning to You!

With yet another winter storm barreling down on us, I’m home from work again.  Teaching definitely has perks beyond getting to work with the young and young at heart!  As I stated on my previous post, we are in the process of selling, moving, fingers crossed, etc.  We decided to really be proactive and create spaces in our home that were as buyer friendly as possible.  Below are a few tips and pics of the final product.

  1. Remove a lot of personal items – This lets the buyer more easily imagine their belongings in our house.  We took down family pictures, personal knickknacks, large book collections, and even Roscoe’s dog bowls go into hiding each morning as we hope for a showing.
  2. Clean, clean, clean – We did a major cleaning and consistently are straightening and touching up with the vacuum.  The biggest struggle has been the stove.  We cook A LOT of meals here in a day.  This is by far the hardest thing to keep clean.
  3. Get larger furniture items OUT as much as you can – We removed a large wardrobe-like furniture items that was storing cookbooks, platters, candles, basically just a catchall from our dining room.  The room looks so much bigger!  We also took out a few small tables and trunks as well as the coffee table.  Say what!  Yes, even the coffee table.  It makes the floor space in the living room just multiply.  Now, I precariously putting my coffee cup on the floor and hoping for the best.  We put these items in a storage unit that is close enough to the house that if we desperately needed something, it is just a five minute drive.
  4. Do easy DIY projects – We did a did a one coat paint job on the dining room that was desperately need to cover up some spots from a renovation over a year ago.  It’s amazing how things can get brushed to the side until you have some motivation to take care of them!  We also painted some trim around the front door.  Just generally straightened up the garage and fixed other small things like change vent filters and touching up random paint spots.
  5. Don’t forget the yard! – We had some dead plants in pots on the back deck that needed to go as well as some worn-out mats.  Better to be bare than looking tired and dead in the case of those plants.
  6. Flowers – Flowers really dress up a room.
  7. Good Smells – Now is the time to invest in some Febreeze or a reed diffuser.
  8. Best Linens – I do not have a towel obsession.  I will really use the same old, raggy towels until the cows come home.  But…I know you need to put out the best you have.  I’ve been switching them out, I promise!
  9. If possible, take your pet with you.  We scooped up Roscoe and threw his crate in the garage.  Off to lunch he went too!  Not all people love pets which is hard to believe, but I think true.
  10. Relocate valuables.  Just to be safe.  You could put your best items (jewelry, etc.) on vacation with a family member or perhaps even a safety deposit box if possible.

Most of all, be flexible and supportive to each other.  Flexible in the fact that showings can happen at inconvenient times.  This past weekend, we were happily heading home after a busy Saturday morning.  Then, we got a call saying there would a showing right in the middle of Holden’s nap time.  Now, I am a stickler for a nap time, but what can you do?  Off to a leisurely lunch at Chik-fil-a!  Not a bad idea, I think!  Stress is naturally going to be a part of this process.  I have to say that I’m feeling LESS stress after the final decision was made to sell.  Being patient (which is hard for me for sure!) with your family especially your significant other can be challenging.  Just remember that the real “home” travels wherever you go which is the loved ones in your life.  I’m so glad I get to “travel” with my dudes, dog baby included.

Best of luck to any of you trying to buy or sell!  See the pics of our “staged” home below.

l96109544-m5x l96109544-m7x l96109544-m14x l96109544-m17x l96109544-m22x l96109544-m23x l96109544-m25x



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