Making Time

Good evening to you!  It was a very busy Wednesday around here filled with an early meeting, benchmark testing at school, a preschool visit, and about 2-ish hours spent at the vet.  Days like this make me feel like I’m gasping for air or scrambling for a seat in musical chairs.    My calendar seems to always manage to be full.  I confess that I will even schedule days down to the half hour increments if I find myself busy/pressed for time/etc.  Today was an especially busy one but not too different from a typical day.  There is a fine line between productivity and just plain madness.  We were borderline madness today.  

I know that this is me.  I choose to live this way.  A part of me really likes it.  I like to check things off, feel accomplished, tackle those “hard to do” things.  However…and this is a big however…it can be too much.  It can definitely get me down and stomp me sometimes.  I read this blog post by this lady and was intrigued.  Her point seems to be that we make time for the things that matter to us.  Maybe not 100% of the time, because obviously I don’t really deeply care about a handful of TV shows that I sometimes watch.  Most the time, our calendars reflect our priorities.  What’s yours filled with?  Plans with friends?  Cultural events?  Family visits?  Mine is full of family and fitness and a meals and just plain old chores.  These are my priorities…Holden, the Mr., and the dog then extended family.  Fitness and food.  Day in and day out.  Friendships do come in, but I confess I put them behind my role as wife and mommy.  We all have choices to make and only so many wakeful hours in a day.  

So…even in my full week…I took an almost 2 year old with me and the dog child to the vet.  On a Wednesday.  At 5 o’clock.  Dinner was late.  Bath was late.  I’m tired.  Ash Wednesday service was missed.  Why?  My priority.  Little Roscoe is family.  A furry dog he may be, but he has always been the one to stay up with me when I’m not feeling good.  How could I not do the same for him?  We make time for what matters.



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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