The Thigh Gap Situation

Happy Monday to You!  We had a great weekend filled with a big boy’s 2nd birthday as well as great news about our for-sale house (we have a signed contract!).  I have to admit that this all combined with a a 70 degree temperature reading this afternoon made for an awesome Monday.  That does’t happen very often, but it was truly a great day.  In other not-so-great news, there’s this whole thing going around on Instagram, the Internet, social media in general about a “thigh gap.”  Now if you haven’t heard about it, I would suggest you google it or maybe not.  It’s actually kind of sad.  Basically, women (isn’t it always us women with body image issues?!?!) are trying to achieve what is called a thigh gap.  This is a space between your thighs when your feet are touching, side by side.  Apparently, this is highly desirable.  I’m not sure if men are giving their vote, opinion, or two cents on this.  However, enough people deem it as “super cool” that it is a very searchable phrase all over the Internet.  

I must admit that I used to be a member of such club.  This was back before it became the chic thing to have.  Now, I no longer am in this little circle.  Why?  Well, I lift a lot of weight, have larger thighs, and am basically a bad a**.  So there.  But I think there’s more to say about it.  Why this pressure?  Shorts season is almost upon it, and I’ve even seen signs that say “Keep Calm and Do It For The Thigh Gap.”  Is this really “keeping calm?”  Are we really doing it for this visual aesthetic?  I know that it is not my place to judge another.  Some folks are just born that way.  My sister, for example, has quite beautiful long legs with thighs that are a definitely on the smaller side especially compared to my ever-growing Christmas hams.  Is this upsetting?  Only when I can’t fit into her clothes and borrow/take them.  it’s just a difference in our bodies.  🙂  

If you are eating lots of good-for-you food, not depriving yourself from occasional treats, and busting your tail in whatever workout you do (walking, yoga, running, lifting, etc.) and you have a “thigh gap,” well, there you are.  The mental place you are is so much more crucial than a thigh gap, a scale, or others’ opinions.  Look for your best spiritual and physical self.  Thigh gap, schmigh gap.  

Interesting Pics…


Link here  Which would you prefer to look like? Hmmm…I think I like my legs in socket.  



Article about the Reality Behind the Thigh Gap


Clearly, she is not fit.  What the heck.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
Mahatma Gandhi



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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