Achieving Your Fitness Goal

Hi Friends!  

Over the St. Patty’s weekend, I completed an 8K that I was dreading quite possibly more than any race thus far.  This is a little odd since I’ve run with more pressure (running competitively in high school on a cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams) and greater distances (the Rock N Roll in Sept. 2013).  What’s the deal?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, I absolutely hate running in the winter.  Go figure that I pick the harshest winter in years as the one to continue running through.  Typically, I stop or basically stop (like maybe a 5K once a month!) in about November until late March.  I just ate running when the air is cold which is hard on my lungs.  There’s also just the mental mountain to climb to be outside at all in cold conditions.  This winter I registered for the Shamrock 8K here locally in Virginia Beach.  Thank goodness I had enough sense not to pick the half!  Although it was hard work, I did manage to train and finish at a great time.  It wasn’t my personal best on this distance, but I was very pleased considering the not-so-ideal conditions for me personally as well as some wind on race day.  I finished the 8K in 37:32.  I was 296 out of 8, 310 overall and 7 out of 793 in my age group.  Out of all the gals, I was 63rd.  Yay!  Basically, I just ran one day a week, an 8K run.  I can’t do treadmills, so I ran outside on either Saturday or Sunday depending on which day had nicer weather.  My Tuesday/Thursday workouts consisted of cross training cardio plus weights.  I did do an extra 5K run the week of the race and no weights.  Although I whined my way through this race prep and literally contemplated staying in bed on the big day, the Mr.’s encouragement plus the fact that I had already dealt with the packet pick-up made me seal the deal.  Once the race began, I  was all business and striving very hard to keep my 7:30 min. mile pace.  Competitiveness just takes over.  If you’re not first, you’re last!  So not true Ricky Bobby’s daddy!  😉  These were my tricks for staying focused on my goal…

  1. Write workouts into your calendar – I even do this for months at a time.  Go into detail and write what exactly you’ll be doing.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout – This, I definitely struggle with.
  3. Maintain a relatively fit body year round – Now, I’m not saying to live as if you’re training for an even tall the time!  However, if you are sort of in shape, it will be much easier to jump into training for something like a 5K or more.
  4. Don’t forget diet! – If you’re eating crap, you won’t want to work out.  This is also tricky for me when the classrooms I’m in have candy jars!  No one wants to run after a belly full of Tootsie Rolls.
  5. Tell your family/significant other about your goal – They can be your biggest encouragers.  You certainly won’t want to disappoint your adoring, loving, supportive fans.


My Finisher’s Medal 🙂


In corral 1…So nice to start first but oh-so intimidating!


My littlest fan who always cheers me on from the sidelines with his Dada

Hopefully, the spring weather will be here soon.  The season for runners is definitely spring in my opinion!  Happy running!


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