The Ever Changing Toddler Boy

Whew!  I, for one, am glad to say it’s Sunday night.  Typically, I’m bemoaning the end of another blissful weekend.  This weekend, although it had it’s moments of fun and family time, definitely stretched me a little thin.  Holden and I did a whirlwind grocery trip to Trader Joe’s and Petsmart on a nice and toasty Friday afternoon,  Then, we had to get all our items packed up to go to see family in Staunton, Virginia.  I absolutely love visiting with family (Jake and mine), but it does require preparation, flexibility, and patience.  I confess that I can handle the prep but the flexibility and patience are both challenges for me.  We left oh-so-bright-and-early on Saturday, and we were quickly reminded how our little baby is growing up into a big boy.  This big boy thinks it is absolutely a crazy idea to sleep AT ALL in the car on road trips despite the fact that we woke him up about an hour earlier than he would typically get up.  He chatted us up with statements and questions the whole way.  🙂  Once we arrived, it was all worth the prep to get to see those we don’t meet up with very often.  The sweet playground and duck pond were just icing on the cake!  I even got a run in on the “hilly” in my eyes land of Staunton with a rough estimate of 4.5 miles.  Fast forward to dinner, and you would see us trying to figure out why in the world our eat-anything-boy would not have a bite.  We quickly found out it was due to his upset tummy from a lingering stomach bug earlier in the week.  This whole event then became the up all night game.  We tried cuddling, rocking, letting him (gasp!) cry it out.  EVERYTHING!  He told us “go home in mommy’s car with dada.”  Our little man was homesick!  Then, he was just sick all together, and you can guess what came “up” next.  

Our little boy is changing.  He’s becoming more sensitive, more opinionated, more independent, more insistent, more stubborn/determined (depending on how you look at it!).  He’s still our little boy, just coming into his own and trying to figure out his place in this world.  



Have a wonderful week!  I can feel spring in the air, just happens to be icy rain as well!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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