5 for Friday

What a glorious Friday!  It was in the upper 70’s here, and I feel like we are all coming out of hibernation.  I almost feel like a snake shedding skin when I’m not layering up in the morning or when I’m taking off layers in the afternoon to prepare for afternoon outdoors fun.  I’m so thankful that the rain seems to be slowly fading out of the forecast for this weekend.  We, the family that’s moving from a little rancher to an even littler apartment in T-minus 8 days, have big plans for packing and putting items in storage.  So much organization, so little time.  I’m so blessed to have a husband with unbelievable energy and get-it-done-ness.  I’m a little more interested in sorting, analyzing, “do I need this?  should I donate it?” etc.  However, he keeps me motivated and less overwhelmed than my natural tendency would make me.  Despite the work ahead, I’ve been in the best mood (most of the time anyways!) the last few days.  Here are some things that have got me all jacked up and happy!


Easter!  I’m so excited about having an Easter celebration at home.  Well, I guess it’s considered “at home” since we’ll be in our apartment home then.  I picked up some Resurrection Eggs at the LifeWay Christian store near Virginia Beach Town Center.  Here’s the description of these sweet things found on LifeWay’s website…Crack open the real Easter story with Resurrection Eggs. Watch Easter come to life in little hands! Each of these twelve colorful plastic eggs holds a different memory-grabbing surprise to take Jesus’ journey to the cross and beyond right into your child’s heart. Includes: 1 egg carton, 12 plastic eggs with surprises inside, and 1 bilingual, storybook.  Sort of like an Advent calendar but for Easter!



Curlers!  These have saved my hair life twice this week.  If you haven’t tried the hot roller look on day old hair, you should.  It refreshes it, and you can walk around while the curlers are working hard to style your hair.  Win, win!



Trader Joe’s!  Love that place to pieces.  Holden and I went there after work today to stock up on all sorts of yummies for the weekend and week to come.  I bought the Mr. his favorite treats plus TJ’s brand of cinnamon buns.  I absolutely never buy things like this and usually tell him to be quiet and make some oatmeal or eggs in the morning, but he has been working so hard on all this house business that I figured a Sunday morning sweet treat was in order.  I may or may not try to make him eat a hard-boiled egg with it for protein.  You know that cinnamon bun business is straight sugar!!!!  I also got some cards for upcoming celebrations for just 99 cents.  Very sweet ones and pretty!  Not so sweet and pretty was the icky temper tantrum that Holden had in line which attracted EVERYONE’s attention and got me speedy service in a very recently opened up line.  Yikes!



Sam’s Club Advice  I got the oddest looks when I took this pic while waiting in the self-checkout line.



My little one’s never-ending love of books.  My books, his books, cookbooks, magazines…I hope it lasts.  I’m convinced he’s going to be an awesome chef and credit all his success in the culinary world to his mother who lets him WAY too man olives while she’s fixing dinner.



Where is the oddest place you’ve snapped a pic?



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