Packing Success, Parenting Fail

  • Yesterday, I got a lot accomplished.  I packed up 90% of the kitchen, Holdie’s room, and misc. areas.  The Mr. and I took a load of “stuff” to the storage unit.  Holden went to the dr. and was found to have an ear infection.  I got the meds plus a dress for a wedding at the end of the month.  I even did some eyebrow plucking.  However…This is a big however…I felt like the worst parent most of the day.  I felt impatient (and I was), whiny (and I was), and like my temper had the shortest fuse ever (and it did).  I told the Mr. in my whining moment that I felt old, tired, and broke.  Whew.  I was putting out a lot of crap for my family to have to deal with, and the kicker is that I even knew it at the time!  But I couldn’t seem to stop it.  I’m so so so glad that no body fired me from my real job of mommy and wife.  My work performance was totally off.  I forgot what the real goal is that I should be striving for every day.  The goal of loving my family, speaking kind words to my family, and being patient with my family.  The following pictures could be put on here with me saying how fabulous I did and all I accomplished on yesterday’s busy day.  That would be completely untrue, and all the hard work really just makes me feel icky since I know the truth.  And the truth is I let my emotions take control of my manners.  I LET my internal, personal feelings hurt the people I love most.  What could have been a better plan?  Adjusting expectations, actually taking a break when the Mr. encouraged me to do so, taking the time in the morning to put on makeup and do my hair (seriously, it would have helped when I was feeling all schlupy waiting for a Rx at Target with the other Saturday ladies out and about), and change the words I say to kind words erring on the side of patience.  
  • So here’s the pics…Sort of tell a different story don’t they?

    Pancakes were made before the craziness commenced.


    Dr.’s Office Mural Fun


    The dress I bought…but may take back!


    Another cute dress at Old Navy, but a bit overpriced at 30 bucks, I thought.


    All the produce which probably won’t make the move except the potatoes!

    So there it is!  A packing success and a parenting fail.  Setting my goal on a flip flop of priorities for today.  Have a restful Sunday!
  • Image

When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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