Saying Goodbye is Always Hard

This past weekend, we said goodbye to our home for the past five years.  Writing that sentence feels so final.  I don’t know how, but it didn’t really hit home through the accepted offer from our buyer, the packing, the planning where we would live, and not even the moving process. It was once we were all in with everything removed.  It was when the Mr. told me one silly sentence.  He said that he thought our sweet dog, Roscoe, could tell the last time he went there, because he just wanted to lay around on the back deck and soak it up.  His backyard, his domain.  I’m not going to lie.  Today has been hard.  It isn’t so much the house (although it felt like it when Roscoe looks at me like “Where are the squirrels, Mommy?  On the seventh floor of our apartment building?” or when Holden asked to play outside with the little rocks he likes to haul in his trucks left in our backyard).  It’s more the marking of time, the passing from one stage in the life cycle to the next.  We had so many firsts in that house, so many memories.  I planned our wedding there and came home a Mrs. instead of a Ms.  I was pregnant and actually in labor in the shower that the Mr. worked so hard on lining up all those tiles just so.  We brought home the little man who would teach us so much about ourselves and life.  I went through some icky times becoming a new mom and trying to get my bearings in life.  It was perfect for us in so many ways.  I fell in love with the first moment I walked in the door.  A place is just a place, I know that.  I totally agree that it’s the people that make the place.  That’s why I know I’m blessed to be in our 900 square foot apartment with a city view.  Roscoe the dog is currently curled up on the sofa making the best of life.  Holden actually slept through the night after an eventful Saturday night (imagine fever, vomit, Tylenol…that was our first night here!).  I know we are moving on to have more room, to hopefully add to our family, and to just find a forever home.  Part of me just remains sad though.  Life feels so fast.  I want to reach around and grab it and make it slow down.  First home goodbyes.  



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