An Easter Treat

Happy Holy Week!

My Easter celebrations have not gone as planned.  That’s an understatement.  I totally bombed my Lent challenge after 1 week which was NO CHOCOLATE!  I bought Resurrection Eggs but haven’t done a thing with them.  I missed Palm Sunday and may miss Good Friday services.  I’ve sort of kept up with my Easter devotional, but I have to admit to being a day or two behind throughout Lent.  However, it is never too late!  Isn’t that the story of Easter?  Second chances, forgiveness, and such.  I’m practicing a bit of that with myself today.  I’m going back to my Lent challenge and instituting no chocolate until after Easter (6 days, I think I can do it!).  I’m planning an Easter menu that’s hopefully tasty but not too crazy.  I’m being flexible with my quiet time and going to do it first thing during Holden’s naps this week, and I think we’ll just pull out the Resurrection Eggs and talk about them daily until the big day.  Of all things to actually accomplish, I made two batches of “Bunny Bait” that has been running around Pinterest like crazy.  This stuff was delicious!  I shared some with H’s daycare ladies, coworkers, and also our moving help.  There are so many variations on this recipe.  See what I did below…



Sidenote:  Holden was highly supervised, but I decided to do separate batches for the bait leaving the house.  I am well-aware that other folks might not find his germs as cute as we do!  If you were a recipient, just know it was Holden germ-free.  🙂

On another note, things are also looking up at apartment 707.  I’m feeling more positive about life in general and focusing on being thankful instead of pointing out all things that are missing.  This was tricky to remember when I got lost in the parking garage AGAIN.  I’m certainly thankful that there is some nearby green space for Roscoe’s potty breaks.  I’m also very thankful that it’s spring.  It’s light longer in the afternoon (park trips in our future!).  Trees and flowers are blooming (what a fun time of the year to be forced into a little exploration to find our nature).  We have fun Easter plans, and it looks like it won’t rain on the big day.  All gifts.  


What are you most enjoying about the spring so far?

I can hardly believe that tomorrow will be a balmy high of 48!!!!  Geez!  We’ll have to bundle up, but we are heading out for some out-of-doors time.  





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