A Basket Full of Fun for My Little One

Happy Hump Day!  Even though the temps were not spring-like at all today, we enjoyed a visit to the park.  Holden loves walking along the trails.  By walking, I truly mean “meandering.”  He likes to stop and looks at moss, sticks, berries, holes in trees, his own feet, other doggies, etc.  It is so nice to see everything through his eyes.  I remember when I would walk with Roscoe on those very same trails before Holden.  I was typically going fast to get my heart rate up and a good workout in.  Now, my workouts are done before Holden cracks his little eyelids open.  Sure, I’m tired early in the evening.  The trade-off is that I get to take leisurely strolls with Mr. Explorer.  


Although I admitted to kind of falling down on the Easter activities, I am so glad that I went ahead and got H’s Easter basket stuff squared away quite awhile ago.  Here’s what he’ll be enjoying…



In H’s basket-My First Read and Learn Bible, Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams, Russell Stover Chocolate Cross (I fully anticipate him to try and eat this in one sitting.), 4 colors of Play-Doh, and a new outfit!   I love the T-shirt’s caption and the cute belt.  Both pieces from…Wal-Mart!  So cute and both pieces for under $10!

To go along with the randomness of this post, I thought I’d share a dinner that we had last night.  Doesn’t it look yummy?!?!?


It was a layered dish with the bottom layer being mushroom risotto from Trader Joe’s, seasoned venison, and baby broccoli on top.  Looks great, but it made me feel terribly ill.  I know better than trusting packaged food (even my love, Trader Joe’s!).  The risotto came with a “spice packet.”  This is usually lethal for me in the digestive department.  However, I’ve fallen madly in love with Trader Joe’s and thought no wrong could come from there.  Well, the taste/smell was great, and it only took a couple minutes to make.  My stomach is just not meant for easy dishes.  For me, looks were deceiving on this dinner!  

Have you ever made something that looked  or smelled amazing and then flopped?  

What would you ask the Easter bunny for in your basket?




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