Compulsive by Nature for Nature?

Hi Friends!  As you may (or may not) know, we are apartment dwellers now.  This is *hopefully* just a short interlude for us as we have made an offer on a short sale that most likely will not be very short.  It is totally out of our hands now, but we have faith that we made the right choice in selling our sweet, first home and making an offer on a home we can hopefully be in for quite some time.  Anywho, apartment life or perhaps just the idea of it has made me hyper (well, I’m always hyper) concerned about how in the world we are going to get outside time!!!!  I’m developing a good case of we-must-get-outside-every-day-ness.  Such heights as this can only be compared to my obsession with a “green” vegetable at every lunch and dinner (no, I don’t have a thing against carrots or cauliflower just not my perceived notion of what constitutes the superior vegetable).  After lots of chores around our place today, we finally managed to throw on some duds and head to a different spot in the same park we went yesterday, First Landing.  This time, we were on the portion closer to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  I think this side is possibly more interesting due to the little hills along the trails and since we don’t visit as much.  Holden enjoyed himself again!  Big surprise.  I think his favorite was going up the hill and then toddler running down.  


He’s almost as agile as a little mountain goat!  We gathered up some unidentified nuts, sorted through rocks, and talked about why we should eat the red berries that are for the birdies (not people or Roscoe, for that matter).  If you’re looking for an easy way to feel like you’re doing the right thing as a parent, just take your kid outside.  Not the outside like “Let me stick you on some playground equipment and check my email/Instagram/Facebook.”  Now, I agree that good enough is good enough sometimes.  Sometimes, any fresh air will have to do even if it is just a walk around a few city blocks.  I admit to checking my social media and email and what not, but what Holden gets and what I get out of actually being out in nature without distractions and exploring together is so much greater.  Times like these help me to press the reset button and remind me of what my focus is and always should be.  Not who is doing what elsewhere.  What my child is discovering right in front of me.  

What are your favorite outside activities? 

Best kid-friendly options?



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