Hi Friends!  

Hope you had a great Easter weekend!  I personally am so glad that spring break is behind me.  Moving, unpacking, the crappy weather, travel, and the everyday stressors of special occasions kind of make me crazy sometimes!  I’m like a newborn baby.  I need a routine!  It was with a not-so-reluctant heart that I sprang up at 4:45 today to get back in the school mindset.  I hate to sound ungrateful for the paid time off from work, but I truly was glad to see this spring break go.  We spent some time visiting family on the Eastern Shore.  Granny even got together an egg hunt that Holden wasn’t too excited about, but Auntie Brookie and I certainly enjoyed the treats!  We finished the weekend by going to church, participating in an egg hunt there, and eating a yummy meal which I forgot to photograph at home in our little place.  Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend…



Backseat Selfies!


What a face! He loved the animal crackers but was not a fan of jelly beans!


Family Picture – A black eye joined us courtesy of a raccoon by way of a gun.


Ducks who make their home in the small park by our apartment


Easter Nail Prep

My mom joined us for Easter Sunday.  See the menu below…




  • Salmon with Cucumber-Radish Relish {Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart}
  • Green Peas 
  • Trader Joe’s Crusty French Rolls
  • Chunky Mashed Potatoes {made with butter, splash of milk, salt, rosemary, and good helping of parmesan cheese}
  • Strawberry Tart {Photo Courtesy of she wears many hats} with Haagen Dazs Frozen Vanilla Yogurt

I really enjoyed it all especially the mashed potatoes (which I usually skip at meals) and the strawberry tart.  This was super easy and looked much more fancy than it was!  Score!

How was your Easter?  Any special dishes?  Try anything news?


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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