Traveling Across Virginia

Good Tuesday afternoon!  The little one and I are snuggled up in the apartment on this chilly late April day.  He’s got a molar coming in on top of a yucky chest cold, and I’m just suffering from car-lag (my version of jet lag???) after our big weekend.  The Mr. and I traveled to Roanoke, Virginia for a wedding.  The Mr’s fraternity brother married his college girlfriend in a beautiful, rustic-inspired ceremony.  It was so nice of them to get married and invite us!  We are so bad about making time to be together just the two of us.  I guess the hour to hour and a half between when Holden goes to bed and we go to bed doesn’t count!  We enjoyed two kid-free nights/days.  A lot of it was spent in the car.  Good thing we are good company for each other!  Here are some pics from our travels…








Friday – We stopped in Lynchburg, Virginia to have lunch at Waterstone in the downtown/riverfront area.  Food and atmosphere were great!  We ate outside, and the sunshine was just wonderful.  The fried green tomatoes lived up to praises in the Southern Living article.  The pizza was good too.  I would have preferred smaller pepperoni slices.  However, you can see that I didn’t snap a picture, because I ate it immediately!!!  Then, we visited my alma mater, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, now known as Randolph College.  I hadn’t been back since visiting the year after graduation.  Wow, 7 years ago!  The campus is still as beautiful as ever with a few more dudes walking around.  Roanoke looked like a good place to explore.  Unfortunately, we had only a limited time there.  The Hotel Roanoke was a great hotel with interesting decor and history.  Read more about it here.  Of course, reality hit as soon as we got home with a fussy bambino, dirty dishes, and to do lists.  It’s so hard for me to keep that easygoing, calm attitude going once we get back in the trenches of day to day.  Despite all the craziness of getting back into the swing of things, I’m so thrilled to report that I had the best day at work on Monday!  I had (what I thought!) was a great observation by my principal along with some end of the year testing for students that demonstrated a huge amount of learning and growth for them this year!!!!  Yay!  

Goals for this Week:

  • Get an easy 3.1 mile in some time
  • Read 4 chapters of the new Jennie Allen book I got from the library
  • Q-tip painting with Holden

Hope you’re having a good week!


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