5 for Friday

Welcome to the first Friday in May!  How time is flying this school year.  I believe that I have 30 school days left.  Even though that sounds like not much at all, there will be so much crammed into them!  I’m kind of a little panicky about fitting it all in plus doing a good job preparing my students to smack that standardized testing in the face.  🙂  A little aggression never hurt when testing!  Here are my five for Friday thoughts…



Mud Run this Saturday!

Here are tips I found on the ACTIVE website.

6 Tips for Mud Run Rookies

1. Dress as if you were a teenage girl or wear 100 percent cotton shirts.

2. Don’t jump in the mud pit. Ease in and watch out for the girl with the hose—she has bad aim.

3. Choose your shower partners wisely.

4. Have a friend at the event who isn’t running to take pictures and hold a change of clothes for you.

5. Bring some real beer with you in the car for after the event.

6. Revel in the glory when you’re done. It’s even better than you think and you’re surrounded by countless others who have just been through the same life-changing experience. Take it all in and enjoy.

I think 1, 2, and 4 are probably the best.  


At-home facials – I actually did a rudimentary one this week.  I read somewhere that even a cleanse, steam, and masque done at home can vastly improve skin.  I didn’t see noticeable improvement afterwards, but I thought I looked pretty cute during!


Here are some DIY home facial recipes.  I’m thinking about trying a brightening one…


Summer Bucket Lists!  It’s hard to believe that it’s time to plan for summer, but I really like checking out the ideas in the current issue of Coastal Living.  They have 99 ideas for each day of summer.  Some would involve traveling, but others are very simple ideas that I just haven’t thought of.  For example, 

  • Change up your corn on the cob by rolling the buttered corn in cilantro, sea salt, and/or parmesan cheese.  Yum!
  • Buy a natural sea sponge for bath time.
  • Play tic-tac-toe on the beach with seashells.
  • Make a champagne float by putting a scoop of sorbet in a flute and top with champagne.  
  • Send postcards with beachy scenes to folks you have talked to in a while (see cafepress.com).
  • Invest in a summery scented candle.



I’m so thankful for a co-worker who always so generously shares her son’s gently used hand-me-downs with my son.  H got a tricycle, and he absolutely loves it!  He’s not pedaling yet, despite the Mr.’s best efforts!  I’m going to take him to our terrace area to practice this evening.  


More nature!  After some particularly yucky rainy days, we finally got outside yesterday afternoon.  It was a successful trip with two snake sightings, one little boy who rolled (I kid you not!) in a pile of dirt as soon as we got there, and lots of animal sounds.


Snakes are so gross!  Have a good Friday.




3 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. Mud Runs are so fun! I have done the Warrior Dash a few times. It is a blast. Just remember to have fun. I usually run with a group of people and we take our time and enjoy it instead of trying to “race”. I hope you have an awesome time!

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