Teacher Appreciation Week and an Easy Semi-DIY gift

Happy Hump Day!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I’ve already had so many sweet gifts.  My vase at school is overflowing with beautiful flowers brought in by students, and I received some little gifts yesterday like sunscreen (summer will be here soon!), trail mix, hand soap, chocolate, etc.  Our PTA even got Panera bagels and coffee for us yesterday!  The official day for teachers was yesterday (May 6th).  However, I’m going to tell you now that any time you remember and acknowledge what a teacher has done for your child is really the right day.  I’m not saying that gifts are required.  Just that it’s nice to feel acknowledged.  For example, I overheard one student saying “Of course teachers don’t work in the summertime.  They need a break from all this!”  My new favorite student.  🙂  I did up a little “bouquet” for Holden’s daycare ladies.  Although he isn’t learning 2+2 or what sound letter T makes, they are teaching him daily, every minute, every second…  I’m so thankful to have the daycare providers that we do, and I definitely wanted them to know that!  Here’s what I made…


Basically, I spent $11-ish dollars (thank you educator discount!) at AC Moore Craft Store on 3 candies, 3 Crystal Light packets, 3 notecard packs, a small glass vase, pink tissue paper, and small wooden dowels/sticks/whatever you want to call them!  I put tissue paper down in the vase first.  Then, I taped each item onto the wooden rods using Scotch tap.  After that, I just started sticking the rods in and added tissue paper in the middle of the vase to give the items some stability.  Presto!  Finally, I wrote about how thankful I am to them for all they do for H.  My favorite is a handwritten note.  I’m willing to bet that it was their favorite part too!  Total time was about 10 minutes meandering in the store plus about 10 minutes assembly and card writing at home.  Can’t beat that!  

What easy semi-DIY gifs have you made?


2 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week and an Easy Semi-DIY gift

  1. Super cute gift set for teachers. It would be great for hostess gifts or just because for friends too!

    I made a monthly subway art project for my friends last year. I found downloadable subway art for each month and had them printed in 5×7 size. I bought cute colorful frames from World Market to hold the pics. It is a gift that you can use year round (as long as you remember to rotate the pictures). I have mine on a side table (yes, I totally made one for me too!) and other girls have theirs on desks, etc. Just a fun little decoration.

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