Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mommies, yet-to-be mommies, mentors, and anyone else out there who “mothers” a child even those of the furry variety!  My not-so-little sister graduated with degree numero dos from Old Dominion University this weekend.  She has just one little summer practicum standing between her and gainful employment which I know she is thrilled about.  It was a whirlwind weekend that started off with lifejacket purchasing, vet visiting, and chocolate eating fun.  Seriously…if you are in Town Center Virginia Beach check out The Royal Chocolate shop.  See website here.  Delicious and so much variety of chocolate candies!  Saturday was the big graduation day.  Here are some pictures capturing those moments.Image


Afterwards, we had dinner in The Attic at Waterman’s at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  The Mr. and I had fish tacos, but the real reason to go is the Orange Crush drink.  They do a doozy on me, so I had 0 (plus I was the captain of the ship heading home that night).  Graduate and Mr. Dog pictured below…


After all that food, we managed to move the party back to our teensy apartment for some coffee and fruit pizza.  Although mine wasn’t nearly as photogenic as the one that went with the online recipe, it was tasty and healthy enough that Holden and I enjoyed slices for breakfast this Sunday morning.  Before baking crust in pic 1, and the final product in pic 2.


We celebrated Mothers’ Day a little early with a present from the  Mr. and H (I’m sure Roscoe helped too!).  I honestly thought they had got me cigars when I saw the box!  Much to my relief, it was beautiful cards personalized with my name!  The font is a pretty light blue.  I absolutely love sending snail mail, so this was a perfect gift.  Very thoughtful of you.  🙂  I also got some yummy, lavender bath products from my mom that I’ve yet to use.  I’m looking forward to trying them out tonight.


Today was full of church, lounging, and a little park/picnic time.  We got salad from Farm Fresh and took them to a nice little park.  Holden had a hummus and cheese sandwich with a squeezey fruit/veg thing.  Thank goodness he eats whatever!  So handy!


I feel like I’ve been on vacation with all this relaxing today and all the fun throughout this weekend!  Even though I had so much fun celebrating, I do want to wish the two ladies who made it all possible, my mommy and my Mr.’s mommy.  Without you two ladies, we wouldn’t be here today and acting with good sense most of the time.  😉  Thanks to my mommy for raising me to recognize a good deal when I see one.  Thanks to the Mr.’s mommy for raising the man of my dreams and making me feel like a daughter not just a daughter “in-law.”  He is truly a “good deal!”  I think this popular song by John Legend says it well… See video here.  

Have a wonderful Sunday.



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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