Holiday Weekend Whereabouts: Atlanta

Oh my!  It has been so long!!!!  Things have been busy to say the very least!  Since last time we talked, we lost a short sale, found a new house, put offer on said house, picked strawberries, made preserves, visited with friends near and far, AND did all the regular stuff like eat/sleep/workout/fight colds/work/etc.  This Memorial Day weekend was fun-filled for me and the Mr. and H.  I actually flew away on a jet plane down to Atlanta to visit one of my very best friends whom I hadn’t visited in an embarrassingly long time.  To confess, I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to go.  You know what I mean?  Any time a mommy is out of  town things get a little interesting for everyone involved…the mommy included!  The Mr. and H met me at the airport with some beautiful flowers and big hugs.  I had a wonderful time traveling, visiting, eating, and just SITTING without them, but I missed them so very much.  I was happy to get back to them.  Now, the laundry…that was a different story.  Let’s being…

We ate my new favorite restaurant in Decatur, GA called Sun in My Belly.  Only slightly far away from my current location!  😉  The french toast and salmon bagel were amazing!  The decor was so hipster pretty too!


Another fun stop was the Decatur Art Festival.  I am in love with wooden bowls…There are worse addictions, right?!?!?  A smart-lipped man made me a deal too good to pass up on these two beauties.  


We saw such neat things.  I loved these inspirational signs.


We also went into the more city-like atmosphere of Atlanta and enjoyed a drink at The Sundial.  This restaurant/bar offers a revolving (I kid you not!) view of the Atlanta skyline.  Very impressive, Sundial.  It was a beautiful ride up to the 73rd floor at the top of the Westin.  


We snapped some pics at the Olympic Centennial Park, the CNN building, and while enjoying our sunset view of the Atlanta skyline.


Although it was not as glamorous as one might imagine, I felt very urban taking MARTA (Atlanta’s public transit) and hopping on and off like a lower budget Carrie Brandshaw.  Ha!


You can safely conclude that I had an awesome time!  The company was excellent.  The food and time without a little one was well-needed.  I did manage to get in two runs while there that nearly forced me to limp onto the airplane.  Those hills are a killer!  Yes, in my opinion, Atlanta has hills.  




2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Whereabouts: Atlanta

  1. Had such a fun time having you here. After all out walking I went out and bought some better walking shoes. Cat wait to see you again. -Miranda

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