Where I Am

Making: dinner, dessert, etc.
Cooking: vegetables, starches, and protein AND peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies (desserts for life, yo)
Drinking: coffee and water, oh so dull…
Reading: Coastal Living magazine, the Bibble (aka the Bible), and the me i want to be by john ortberg
Wanting: a few more minutes in the day (or an hour or two)
Looking: at interior decorating ideas and sandbox plans
Playing: with side ponytails, buns, I like it on the side now
Wasting: milk, apparently I buy more milk than H can drink before the expiration date
Wishing: for summer to hurry up and get here and then slow way way down
Enjoying: having no bangs
Waiting: for a house closing date
Liking: how much Holden is talking and sharing his thoughts
Wondering: are we ready for two?
Loving: my new wooden birch bowl from the arts festival
Hoping: to get to the beach this weekend
Marveling: at how warm it has gotten, seems like spring just got here
Needing: a few summer clothing items
Smelling: my amberish scent from Bath and Body Works lotion
Wearing: maxi dresses as skirts
Following: my dreams and looking for a new crock-pot
Noticing: more time talking to Holden versus instead of vacantly scrolling since the deletion of my Facebook and instagram accounts
Knowing: this should be changed to NOT knowing and NOT accepting my limits
Thinking: about our summer plans, house plans, family plans…always thinking
Feeling: a little sad after saying bye to a friend after an overdue visit this past weekend
Bookmarking: home workouts, recipes, toddler activities
Opening: a jar of coconut oil for everything from cooking to facial care to hair care
Giggling: when Holden runs in the room and asks “Where’s Dada?” when they play hide and seek before dinner
Feeling: a little scared about all our new life ventures 

{inspired by The Daybook}

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