In Which We Attain Bliss

It is not often that I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that we had a relaxing weekend.  Don’t get me wrong…we still tackled some necessary to-dos.  However, frozen yogurt was enjoyed.  Swimmies and pool time both happened.  Mommy had a drink (or two) while SITTING STILL by above mentioned pool.  Homemade biscuits were scarfed down.  Church attendance happened.  We even watched a movie on Saturday night in the comfort of our temporary home.  A delicious and not-the-typical dinner was devoured.  What bliss!  I was busy enjoying it so much that I only snapped a few pics of our weekend.  

Here we are taking a few practice swings while checking on all “our stuff!” as Holden says at the storage unit.


We followed that up by shopping at Wally World.  Although I love my Trader Joe’s, sometimes you just need some mainstream things like a spaghetti squash!  LOL!  I love a grocery shopping trip.  Even though I tease the Mr. about all his “wants” when he gets to the store, I do enjoy doing it with him.  After begin super productive early on (i.e. run, make biscuits, church, make 3 meals for this week), we headed to our apartment building’s pool.  I confess that I didn’t get it, but I did get to enjoy the two cuties below splash around.  






Aren’t they simply wonderful…I’m a very blessed lady to get to hang out with these two (+Roscoe the dog, of course, who was busily crying in his crate about us daring to leave him at home).

Here’s Our Agenda for the Week:

eat:  shrimp casserole + asparagus, meatballs + spaghetti squash + salad, pan seared veggies with feta + beans + garlic toast, burgers + sweet potato fries + salad, skinny lasagna roll-ups + broccoli

read:  finish the me I want to be, go to the library for new books for H and I

move:  yoga (2x), AM weights and cardio (2x)

rest:  in bed by 9 each night

do:  pants and dress to seamstress, research sunscreen and deodorant (this natural stuff just isn’t the same!), Father’s Day???, make the cute name matching game below for H, plan a picnic menu???


Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Here’s to a speedy 10 days (!) until summer break for us!




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