My Home Self

Sometimes, you have to just know when to really go hog wild.  Sometimes, you go, go, go.  Sometimes, you skip church for the beach.  Our “sometimes” was this weekend.  We feel (minus Holden, of course) like we are just waiting, planning, plotting our course for this new home.  Paint colors, light fixtures, rugs…oh my!  The decisions and the budget are always on our minds.  We are just a week away from our closing date.  Then, it is all business.  The timeline is funny and a little scary.  It will be a carefully orchestrated event.  So we think…  I never knew how overwhelming lots of decorating/home decisions can be.  I have always thought of myself as a decisive person, but a new canvas a la a new house really makes you think.  What colors do I like?  What style is me?  How can I meld the old with some new?  Then, it scares you to know that I’m.not.sure.  I’m not sure what my style is.  I’m not sure what colors I really want my walls to be.  I’m not sure how to compromise with my husband.  I know we need to!  Truly, I believe all these trivial, first world decisions can take on a deeper meaning.  Who you are in your home is who you really are.  That is where we can be most comfortable, ourselves, let our hair down, leave the makeup off, and drop pretensions.  The hope is that you are the same person you are at home as you are in public.  Authenticity to self.  What a challenging thing.  Kids have it down pat.  They like what they like.  They don’t stress over appearances, find fun and interesting things wherever they are, and take the days as they come without excessive worry or planning.  Little Buddha.



When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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