5 for Friday

This is truly a very happy Friday for many reasons.  I’m looking so forward to visiting family this weekend and making it a more relaxing, long weekend of visiting.  This is made possible by reason number 2 that it is a very happy Friday, and that reason is SCHOOL’S OUT!  No more rushing in the morning unless it is to get Holden’s breakfast.  No more lunch packing.  No more after school meetings.  Just 8-ish weeks of focusing on home and family.  I’m thrilled!  Here are five things on my mind today…


Our new home!  We close on our new home on Monday, and I’m so excited/nervous about plunging into decorating, setting up our furniture, etc.  Here’s a little peek into my Pinterest inspiration…


Dinning room color scheme…via Apartment Therapy


Living room with the same color scheme but more green…via Better Homes and Gardens


Office light fixture…I never thought I’d want a gold finished light!  Picture from Home Depot


Holden’s room…via Bedroom Wise  Don’t you just love the nautical theme, I know I do!  😉  I think there will be more red incorporated into it with white/offwhite colored bedding instead.  We definitely want to do a dark blue accent wall or two in his room.

Two choices below for our bedroom.  I’m leaning towards the more neutral of the two…Neutral Natalie, ha!

4bec165e647f84b678c0263eb6c628bf cc8cc7965b03b5af5957f591c94febd1

What do you think?


Car washes!  I finally got my car washed this past weekend.  We did an automated, drive through one since there is no yard or hose at the present moment.  It was quite the experience!

IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3425

Holden was unsure about the whole situation to say the least!


I’m so relieved that warm weather is here, and dressing is a little easier/less restrictive.  I love all my summer dresses that are comfy.  However, I do tend to dress a little more like a hot mess in the summer months, because I can!  See the reason for my happy Friday (no worky for me).



Top picture is me in my beach cover-up about 5 hours AFTER we got back from the beach.  Pretty sure I was still quite sandy in Marshalls.


Yoga – I’m excited to get back into my yoga routine now that summer is here.  If you recall, yoga is the first part of my fitness routine that I’ll cut out in a heartbeat.  However, I do know that I NEED to be doing it.  So…here I start again (well next Tuesday anyway!).

{FIVE}IMG_3429 IMG_3427

Just some random pics from the week…It’s hard to see from the picture, but that coffee cup is the size of my face.  I’m quite sure that would improve anyone’s disposition.  Ha!

Final thought…

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7




2 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. Moving and decorating is so fun! We moved from an apartment to a rental house this weekend. I had a blast refinishing some furniture and buying a few new accessories. Thank goodness for Pinterest! So many great ideas. I love the bedroom pics…the white and teal is so relaxing and the nautical theme is adorable!

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