Water, Water is Talked About Everywhere!

Good Thursday to You!  It is a million degrees here, and I find myself trying to stop the complaining.  I *wished* for summer weather back when we were having the coldest winter in years.  I do love summer, but I forget all the other stuff that comes with beach days.  Sweat…lots of sweat.  This coupled with the fact that I don’t like to drink very much at all can have nasty results.  Headaches, hunger, moodiness…the list goes on and on.  CNN Health put out a new article on the importance of a healthy gut, and you can bet there is mention of H2O on there.  See article here.  The other tips for a healthy gut are the things we all know.  Eat health, whole foods – not processed foods.  Don’t stress already!  (I get stressed thinking about that one, lol!).  Last but not least, avoid fatty foods.  Well, duh.  We all know these things.  We may think we are practicing, but a good reality check is always helpful.  For instance, I had half of a mini bagel with butter (hello processed foods!), Brie cheese with deli turkey meat, and granola.  Now, this is not all I have eaten today, but my other foods were “whole” like eggs, fruit, spinach, carrots, and yikes!…I also ate tortillas chips!  So there.  It’s always good to do a little personal inventory to see how you’re doing.

I’m always interested in how food intake plays into our health.  Here are a few articles for your perusal…food coloring links to ADHD …heavy metals linked to ADHD (guess what?  water shows up here as well as a protector!)…research to explore links between gut health and autism.


See article here.  

A little motivation from fitsugar.  


Happy water guzzlin’!


When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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