Making it Through a Move!

Yay! We officially have rejoined the rest of the modern world with Internet for our computer! Yippeee! Smart phones are smart and such with those apps, but I really just like a computer if I’ve got some Internet-ing to do. Just about all our belongings are now located onsite. We are missing our freezer plus some miscellaneous garage items that are still in our storage unit. Their time is coming though. We have until Monday to be out of there as well. What a crazy few weeks it has been! I’m tired just thinking about it! We (meaning just little old me and the husband) moved every.last.item out of our apartment. Down the hall, into the elevator, down to the loading dock, up into the moving truck, drive said truck to house, and unload all items. I will certainly never forget that day. We had everything loaded up in about three hours, and we had everything unloaded in about 45ish minutes. Cra-zay.


Our apartment in all stages of dismantleness!



The little red wagon that could and did take many a load for us.




Running shorts = Moving day comfort




The loooong hall to the loading dock…




We rented our moving truck from our storage unit place.  I thought it was too funny that the name of the place was “Jack Rabbit” combined with the fact that one of the main people there was Rodger (like Rodger Rabbit!).  In all seriousness, I would highly recommend this self-storage company.  Very nice and very clean!





Yep, that’s pretty much how I felt.

As any homeowner knows, the to-do lists just keeps lengthening and the amount of money that you spend at Lowes/Home Depot makes you wonder if you’ll every go to a fancy dinner again!  I think home ownership was the turning point for me with these stores.  Before being a big grown-up with a mortgage, I HATED having to go in these stores.  Except if they had hot tubs on display.  Always been fascinated with pools, hot tubs, fun yards.  I remember checking out the same circa 1970s pool and spa  how-to book from the public library as a kid.  Yes, I am weird.  Anywho, here we are at lovely Home Depot that is seriously like a 2 minute drive from the house.  Handy!


Then, we had to hit up Lowes on a Friday night.  Yeah yah!!!!!

IMG_3551  IMG_3548

Here’s a little DIY that we’ve been up to…(there are many more lovely ones most courtesy of my ever capable husband)


This is our new front entry hall light.  It was brass, but we (I came up with the plan while the Mr. executed it) spray painted a flat black using a combo of automotive primer and color spray paint.  I got the tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl.  We paid $25 for two lights.  This is one.  The other has yet to be painted.  All things in time.  Here’s one she did…{photo taken from her website to show off the wonderful-ness of a spray painted thrifty find!}


Our Independence weekend was busy busy busy.  Hurricane Arthur blew in and let us find out what the wind and rain sounds like in our new home.  No leaks though!!!!  Very good news for our somewhat aging roof.  We took in some 4th of July sales and got Holden a mattress for his “big boy bed” as well as one for our guests which we hope to have plenty of.  We did manage to squeeze in a little beach time over the 4th of July weekend.  Despite the breezy winds, the beach at First Landing was still fun.  Holden loves the beach…sand…water…undivided adult attention because they are afraid you’re going to attempt to swim to England….what’s not to love?!?!?!

IMG_3554 IMG_3552

He really wasn’t as distressed as this picture seems to show!

I’ll leave you with a few other tidbits that I gathered up and found to be useful over the past few weeks.


A lovely looking recipe from Home in the Hive.  Here’s a link to her blog

Below is an all-natural carpet deodorizer that I used on our rugs that were in storage.  Never store your rugs!!!!  Lesson learned.  This did help with the mustiness.  I also put them outside on our back deck to get fresh air and sunshine.  However, I will forever think they smell now.  All in my head, I know.

IMG_3529 IMG_3530

Some workouts to keep you fit at home!

IMG_3557 IMG_3558

Remember:  Repeat this 4x!!!!  {borrowed via Instagram}


I have a tendency to just fall apart (what in the world!?!?!  So silly!) when I can’t get in my workout.  When-truthfully-I’ve been lifting, pulling, walking all the time…like everywhere!  I know that things will start to smooth out soon.  I’ve already got back into my routine with two gym workouts this week under my belt.   So thankful to be on this side of the moving process, and we are so thankful to be in our quiet neighborhood tucked in our HUGE house (hey, when moving from 900 sq ft, I’m pretty sure we have a right to call it huge!).  Best part of all, feeling that this house will work for us for many, many years to come!  Here’s to getting comfy and cozy in this home!





When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.Buddha Please comment below.

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