5 for Friday

Wow!  This week flew by!  I don’t know about you, but I have distinct “high” and “low” days of the week.  Monday was a low with a doctor confirming that Holden will have to have a minor surgery to correct a tear duct issue in his eye.  Totally not a big deal, but yet a big deal.  You know what I mean????  Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy, productive days.  Those kind of days always make me happy.  🙂  All the painting (for now) is complete!  Hallelujah!  We are this.close to having everything out of storage thanks to my 3 truckloads on Wednesday when the little man went to daycare aka fun, party time for the day.  I mean water games, painting, snack, nap…sign me up!  Not to mention we took in 2 story times this week.  One was our regular one on Thursday at our library.  Today, we journeyed over to Chesapeake to have some fun at another story time.  This one was provided by the lovely Ali of Mom Explores Virginia Beach.  She puts all these fun times together for the moms and kids!  How awesome is she!  Holden loved the bounce house time at our previous one, and he also enjoyed the story time (BONUS!  There was a showing of Corduroy.  Cute story if you haven’t heard it before.  Here’s a link to buy, and here’s a link to a Youtube video (warning!  I didn’t preview the video!).  Holden has a copy of the book, but I didn’t know how he’d do with the longer plot.  He certainly was interested in the version shown there!

Without any additional ramblings, here are my 5 randoms for Friday!


Chalk the Walk ARTsplosion – The theme this year is superheroes.  I’m thinking H might like this!  Basically, artists create sidewalk art on the boardwalk.  Here’s a link for more info.  



Kind neighbors – We’ve been very blessed to move into a very welcoming neighborhood.  I must admit that it is going to take some getting used to.  Our previous neighborhood was much more “you leave me along, I’ll leave you alone.”  This whole motto worked for me as I’m so introverted that I’m off the scales!  No, seriously, I am.  I even have a plate to return today which arrived at my house a few days ago with yummy muffins on it.  Now, I have to return it.  Oh the agony of having to return a plate to my nice neighbor!  First world problems of a hobbit.


Whenever I go out to lunch with my sister and mom, they (and me too!) usually request some place that’s new, good, healthy, and CHEAP!  Sometimes, this can be quite a challenge!  Author Leanne Brown wrote Good and Cheap:  Eat Well on $4/Day.  She wrote it as a way to help families on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps.  Read an article written by Time magazine here about what she’s doing to help get this into the hands of people who need it.



Picnics! –  I’ve never met a picnic that I didn’t like!  Holden and I had a picnic together today…along with a gazillion flies that wanted to take over!  It was perfect though.  This week had been busy, so we needed a little quiet time.  Picnics don’t have to be hard.  I think when a mom hears picnic she’s like “Cooler!  Chips!  Deli meat!  Water bottles!  Dirt in our food!  Never mind!”  This can so happen, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way.  I packed all our stuff in under five minutes even with little helping hands.



Just getting to spend time with this guy!  I know that the time is short.  Although days can seem long (like Temper Tantrum Thursday!) at times, he will soon be off on other adventures with friends, at big boy school, and just creating his own life.  I constantly need to remind myself of this and to treasure these moments.

IMG_3569 IMG_3562 IMG_3566 IMG_3571 IMG_3582

Thanks Oak Grove for treating us right on this cloudy Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend!








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