How To Tuesday: Beating the Summer Heat While Having Fun

Happy Hot Tuesday!  It has been just oppressively hot here, and I find that I’m over the outdoors by 11 each day.  I mean, it’s just too hot!  How do you keep active and enjoy the outdoors this time of year?  I know I’ll be whining about the cold soon enough, so this is how I enjoy it without melting into a puddle (although I felt like that was going to happen today!).


We were planning to head to the beach ourselves today, but a cloudy sky with storms possible kept us at home.  Not to worry though!  We got into plenty of fun in those busy morning hours.




These are the “rolling hills”  of Mt. Trashmore.  We were the lucky ducks today who got to see the grass being cut “up high!”  Library stop, puzzles, book reading, and some coloring with markers with crayons rounded out our morning.  I hear a cold front is on its way to us!  Hip Hip Hooray!  I never thought I’d say that but melting in the shade while you watch your kid fun around at 10 in the morning is never quite relaxing.  Have fun!



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