Simple Summer Party Planning

We are very excited about having family over this weekend to enjoy some food and let them see our new home.  I admit that I’m not a good candidate for a home renovation.  I begin huffing and puffing as soon as I walk around the house for a bit.  Boxes, books, hunting paraphernalia, furniture, pictures, oh the list goes on and on.  It drives me crazy.  Fully crazy.  Case in point, my meltdown yesterday that left me telling the Mr. to go back to work and how much I hate this house.  This was so hurtful (like it is his job to fix every little thing and feeling that my crazy brain cooks up!) and untrue.  My environment very much affects me, like it or not.  A messy room will bother me sooner or later.  Now, I’m not OCD by any means, but I’m perhaps right at the borderline between OCD and just neat and tidy.  For example, what in the world is a dreidel doing out and about in July!?!?!



Ok, enough about me at less than my best.  Today is another day, and I’m excited to be planning for some good food and having family over for the first time to my new home which I LOVE.  


I’m thinking a well-loved dessert that I’ll keep for a surprise, but I bet you can guess that it includes chocolate!  I also listed a little DIY project to get our new address out to everyone.  We {heart} mail!  It something along the lines of these…{photo courtesy of Hand Make My Day}


Fun paper products and utensils will definitely help this party be simple in the clean up department.  I got all this jotted down while the little man watched the tree trimmers.


He absolutely loved it and followed them from window to window.  Mommy loved it too.  🙂  

What is your favorite summer BBQ recipe?

Have a great day.




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