Summer Happenings

Well well!  This summer has just about got me down in mostly a good way with lots of projects, beach/swimming days, and a few not so fun things like laundry that never ends.  Must be all those wet towels!  We enjoyed another great mommy meet-up day organized by Ali over at Mom Explores Virginia Beach.  Holden had a great time at Sandbridge Beach.  I hadn’t been to this particular beach in Virginia Beach since way back when in 2008.  Whoa!  Doesn’t feel like it was six years ago!  


Notice the super cool Spiderman sunglasses slightly askew…

Holden is growing up so much before our very eyes and loves to be a helper.  He’s pretty good at helping me do the laundry (aka put clothes in the washing machine and switching those to the dryer that I hand him), likes to dust with his “rag” and “feder duster,” and can take things to various locations around the house that I tell him to (so long as the room isn’t dark because that’s just crazy talk, Mom!).  His favorite thing to do is to help Daddy, without a doubt.  Here he is helping with a little yard work.  

IMG_3675 IMG_3680

Safety first with those glasses on!

There’s been lots of library trips (only one on a rainy day) and playing with Daddy.  

IMG_3669 IMG_3687

Excuse the child and dog alien eyes.

We also journeyed up to Gloucester, Virginia to see some family this week.  It had been quite a long time, and it was Holden’s first time visiting with them.  He quickly partnered up with his (some number that I’m not sure of) cousin, Daisy.  They didn’t let the boy-girl differences keep them from having fun.  They sandboxed it up, and she had him pushing the baby carriage by the time the day was done.  Family is so important.  Challenging, drive you crazy, makes you want to be the one person on a deserted island at times…but important.  I was so glad that it worked out for Holden and I to visit with some of ours.  

IMG_3691 IMG_3693 IMG_3697

To top it all, they had a golf cart!  H was in heaven.  I’m pretty sure he got about twenty rides around their quiet acres.  

With all this fun going on, it was definitely a little sobering to prepare for our hospital visit today with H.  We headed over to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia relatively early this morning.  He had out-patient surgery on both eyes today to open up his tear ducts.  He has had some trouble since birth with just yucky-ness in his eyes.  He also had a lovely case of the commonly referred to eye woe known as “pink eye” this past winter/spring.  I mean, who knows if it was actually spring or winter since our winter lasted until about Memorial Day.  Anywho, this surgery will help prevent  the gook in his eye that typically finds its way there after  or during a cold.  There is also the thought that it will help make him less susceptible to eye infections.  With all that logic being said, I was mildly a nervous wreak.  I’m pretty sure I gave myself a case of migraines (yes, this is self-diagnosed) and just a general yucky feeling.  Mommies worry so much about their little ones.  Even the little things, like a bumped head or a lack of vegetables, can send us over the edge.  Well, you can bet I was over the edge and then some running every possible disastrous outcome.  I did not imagine a terrorist take-over of the hospital.  You gotta draw the line somewhere people.  However, I’m pretty sure I covered every other situation in my mind.  Oh my mind, I need it, but it drives me crazy.  The Mr. did his duty when it was time for H to go back for the procedure.  He made me mad at him over something silly!  It did just the trick!  No cry cry for me.  I think he’d much rather deal with a cranky woman than a crying woman.  Ha!  I also felt a little silly for being so worked up about the whole thing since there were parents there with children who had so many more health issues than a defunct tear duct that honestly wasn’t bothering H in the least.  Here is the little ray of sunshine in his pre-surgery room looking as handsome as can be.


The nurse joked with him that he was turning into a banana.  Everyone was super nice with lots of kid-friendly toys and TVs.  We even caught an episode of H’s favorite monkey, Curious George.  P.S.  Notice the trash can in the background with “TRASH” written across it.  Well…yes, one would think.  🙂  The final update was that everything went fine.  Holden was super upset when we were called back to see him in the post-operative anesthesia unit.  After lots of cuddles from moi, some apply juice, and a few terrifying blood pressure checks, we were on our way home.  He ate a pretty good lunch and was groggy enough to ask to be put down for a “night night.”  We’re so thankful to have that behind us!  Whew!  It makes me tired just writing about all these things.  Hope your summer is going well and that you avoided any hospital stops of your own.  





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