5 for Friday

It doesn’t really feel like a Friday to me.  Yesterday, I was all prepared for a Saturday today!  My days are certainly off on this summer schedule.  As strange as it sounds, I’m sort-of ready to go back to work.  I know I’ll regret that statement ten times over by 11 a.m. on the first day back, but what can I say?  You know you need more adults in your daily life if a phone call in the middle of the afternoon instantly makes everything better, sore throat included!  Thanks Miranda!  🙂  I have truly enjoyed being home with Holden this summer.  I enjoyed it even more today as we both slept in until the unheard of hour of 7:30 and ate a leisurely lunch together.  However, I do miss that productive work feeling.  We are productive here at home, but it is more in the line of finger painting and truck driving.  A little different than checking off my paperwork to-do list which I admit gives me quite a thrill.  D-zork, I know.

Here are my five for Friday…


Saw this on Pinterest today.  So true!



Art projects are the best on rainy days…except when you become the canvas!

IMG_3698 IMG_3700 IMG_3702

Holden can definitely identify the H and always sings out “H is for Holden!”  I think this is precious!  No, we do not flashcard drill letters.  Just H for now.


Love our front porch!  Morning or evenings are quite wonderful sitting out there.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  We haven’t used it a whole bunch yet, but the handful of times have been lovely.  New goal:  use it more often before it’s chilly again!  Tonight was perfect with the sound of rain.  Bonus was that the rain acted like an invisible fence for Roscoe Dog.  He only ventured off of it once for just an instant.  


In motion…always in motion.


I continued my quest of trying every single chocolate chip cookie recipe under the sun today by baking up these secretly healthy cookies.  The Mr. has a knack for sniffing out even the slightest healthiness.  Therefore, he was not totally bowled over by these.  I, however, thought they were pretty good.  They were definitely chewy as the recipe claimed.  The Mr. suffered through with two of these plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I think he made it just fine.


Tomorrow is the day!  Oh the excitement!  Tomorrow is Potty Party Day!  Little H will be donning his very own big boy underwear and {hopefully!} using his cute frog potty.  There are prizes, treats, stickers, decor, and more!  I know you so want to be invited, but it is a party for two grown-ups, one big boy, and a dog named Roscoe who came to us house-trained.  This is our first attempt.  Wish us luck!  If you’d like to see more on this lovely new trend called the “potty party,” click here to see what crazy, over-the-top ideas that Pinterest has to offer!  You know you want to see!  


Have a wonderful {no bathroom accidents!} weekend!


2 thoughts on “5 for Friday

  1. I’m so happy you enjoyed my chocolate chip cookies! I’d love to suffer through two cookies plus a bowl of ice cream every day… I’ll gladly take your man’s share! 😉

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